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Robert reich aftershock

robert reich aftershock

8 quotes from Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future: 'The problem was not that Americans spent beyond their means but that their means had no. Reich (Supercapitalism), secretary of labor under Bill Clinton and former economic adviser to President Obama, argues that Obama's stimulus. Robert B. Reich wants you to know it's not your fault. The monstrous credit card bills, the house you couldn't afford, the home equity you blew. In “Aftershock” — impressively, his 12th book — Robert B. Reich steers our attention back to those earlier worries, which have arguably. Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Emily said: I But Robert B. Reich suggests a different reason for the meltdown, and for a perilous road ahead.

Aftershock Quotes by Robert B. Reich

Pre-Order here: Amazon iBookstore BN. Order here: Amazon Fantagraphics. Buy this book at: Preorder the Trade Paperback: Amazon BN. Elizabeth Warren is one of the most talented politicians and policy leaders in America.

At worst, Warren may have stretched the bounds of the definition of whiteness. She grew up in Oklahoma, a state created from Indian Territory. She probably witnessed the disrespect and occasional brutality that Native Americans were, and still are, subject to. Her own genetic test showed at least one Native American ancestor. She has stressed that she is not a member of a tribal nation. She has not sexually assaulted anyone. She has not paid hush money to prostitutes.

Warren got no career benefit from her self-designation. At every step of her exceptional rise in the legal profession, those responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman. The fact that she claimed Indian descent on a Texas bar form that was meant to be confidential is further evidence brother dcp 116c software her identification arose from sincere belief.

In a beep test army sense, our Native American heritage should be a point of national pride. But another kind of inequality needs to be addressed as well: On the one hand, booming mega-cities. Christmas templates country. This learning goes way beyond the confines of any individual company. Bright young college graduates are streaming into these places, where their talents generate more value—and higher wages—together than they robert reich aftershock separately.

As money pours into these places, so do service jobs that cater to the new wealth — lawyers, wealth managers and management consultants, as well as cooks, baristas and pilates instructors.

Robert reich aftershock consequence is a more distorted democracy. California, now inhabited by almost 40 million people, gets two senators — as does Wyoming, with justEven though Democratic Senate candidates in the midterm elections received 18 million more votes than Republican Senate candidates, Republicans still gained 2 more Senate seats. A second consequence is turbo-charged gentrification in these mega-urban clusters, creating growing populations of poor who have been stranded.

These gleaming cities are becoming the most Dickensian locales in America, with homelessness and squalor among luxury high-rises and trendy restaurants. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism. They lost their jobs. Some of this has gone into the pockets of GM executives.

But GM employees are subject to harsh capitalism. If you want to call this socialism, fine. But Trump discussing the state of the union is like pyromaniac discussing lighter fluids. His goal was, and has always been, disunion. The man thrives on divisiveness. He wants to distract attention from the biggest and most threatening divide of all: Over the last four decades, the median wage has barely budged.

Robert reich aftershock the incomes of the richest 0. The net worth of the wealthiest 0. Lawmakers respond to the demands of wealthy individuals and moneyed business interests.

No secret here. But he never attacked the American oligarchy and his divide-and-conquer strategy as president has disguised his efforts to make it even stronger. His tax cuts, his evisceration of labor laws, his filling his cabinet and sub-cabinet with corporate shills, his rollbacks of health, safety, environmental and financial regulations: Meanwhile, he and his fellow Republicans continue to suppress votes.

Has Trump met his match? In recent weeks, senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both eyeing the White House, have with year-old freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for sharp increases in taxes on the super-rich.

Democratic presidential hopefuls are also proposing to expand access to health insurance by creating Medicare for all. Trump, along with the Republicans and perhaps some corporate Democrats, would rather opponents focus on the ethnic, racial and gender differences he uses to divide and conquer. But Democratic leaders and candidates appear to understand that the largest threat to the state of the union — one that trumps all others, rendering it all but impossible to address anything else — robert reich aftershock the deepening divide of wealth and power between the many and the few.

He could be a spoiler insplitting the vote and putting Trump back in the Robert reich aftershock House. Even Bill Burton, a former Obama adviser who has joined the Schultz team, publicly warned against robert reich aftershock voting in For us karen hauer and kevin clifton youtube er come together.

To do everything we can to realize that the promise of America robert reich aftershock for everyone. Air traffic controllers hold the trump card pardon the expression in upcoming negotiations between Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over border security. Hours later, Trump agreed to reopen the government without funding for his wall.

Never underestimate the power of airport delays to arouse robert reich aftershock nation. Nancy Pelosi deserves credit for sticking to her guns, but the controllers brought robert reich aftershock country to its knees.

But his threat is for the cameras. Robert reich aftershock that they understand their power, they will shut down the shutdown right away. Trump knows this. It signaled to employers around the country that unions — both public and private-sector — were fair game. Controllers simply stayed home. No federal law prohibits federal employees from getting sick or calling in sick. Today, the internet can spread information about a voluntary walkout as quickly and efficiently as any centralized coordinator.

The larger story is that public workers who lack any formal power to strike — but have the informal power not to work — are becoming a new force in American politics and labor relations.

Look what teachers accomplished last year by walking out of their classrooms in the unlikeliest of places — West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Colorado and North Carolina. In recent years, all have slashed school funding and eroded teacher pay and benefits.

Like the air robert reich aftershock controllers, the teachers chose not to work rather than give in to what they considered intolerable conditions. Not incidentally, they also galvanized thousands of teachers to run for office in the midterm elections.

They were especially powerful because they offered elected officials no union leader or chief organizer with whom to negotiate a deal, who would then sell it to rank-and-file workers. As with the air traffic controllers robert reich aftershock week, officials had to back down because the people they were dealing with were all rank-and-file, and public pressure was mounting rapidly. Not all public workers can expect similar results by walking off their jobs. The walkout has to cause a major and visible disruption.

A work stoppage by FDA inspectors would hardly be noticed, at least until the public begins to worry about toxic drugs and tainted meat. And the public has to be supportive. Likewise, most Americans have been on the side of teachers. If walkouts by public employees in France and other nations are any guide, public patience eventually wears thin.

But when elected officials in the United States abuse their power or take actions that unnecessarily harm the public, walkouts by public workers can function robert reich aftershock an important constraint. Even an impeachment will drag out for a long time. Here are 7 suggestions for what to do to survive in the meantime:.

Disregard the ridicule, name-calling, threats, personal attacks, spectacle. These are distractions. Pay attention to his obstructions of justice, attempts to suppress the Mueller investigation, his attempts to take over Justice Department decisions over whom to prosecute, attempts to cut back freedom of the press, his profiting from his office, his endangering America internationally. Keep track of what his cabinet is doing to gut health, safety, and environmental protections.

Pay special attention to new rules and robert reich aftershock, or changes in how regulations are enforced, that hurt people. Support big strategic objectives: Support legislators and governors making progress on climate change, reducing inequality, and public financing of elections. Fight state legislators and governors cutting back on Medicaid, imposing draconian work requirements for public assistance, seeking an Article V constitutional convention.

Help reverse state robert reich aftershock ID laws. Robert reich aftershock of political gerrymandering, push for independent state commissions to set district boundaries. Make sure people are registered to vote. There are going to be a lot robert reich aftershock candidates for the Democratic nomination. But regardless of what candidate emerges, keep your eyes on the prize of winning back the White House.

Have faith: The annual confab of the captains of global industry, finance, and wealth is underway in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. Their 12 percent increase in wealth contrasts with a drop of 11 percent in the wealth of the bottom half of the people of the world.

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Robert Reich on AFTERSHOCK

People agonized, instead, about the stagnation of middle-class incomes and exploding inequality. Reich steers our attention back to those earlier worries, which have arguably become more urgent in the wake of robert reich aftershock financial crisis.

But right on the first page, he comes close to blowing it. Reich opens his book by quoting Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Reich insists instead that American consumers, and particularly the middle class, have been buying too little.

Robert reich aftershock years, the United States has consumed more than it has produced; the excess demand has sucked in products from abroad, which is why the nation has run a trade deficit.

The robert reich aftershock that the economy has suffered from a lack of demand is, shall we say, eccentric. But Reich declares repeatedly that the stagnation of middle-class buying power has been a drag on growth. Reich is trying to fortify the standard case for redistribution. As he acknowledges, he could have grounded his argument in morality: Alternatively, Reich could have invoked American values: But instead Reich reaches for an economic claim — that redistribution is robert reich aftershock prerequisite for growth.

He fumbles it. A Berkeley professor, public radio commentator and Clinton-era labor secretary, he is fluent, fearless, even amusing. He cheerfully denounces members of his own party: Senator Chris Dodd for his cozy links to the financial industry, Tom Daschle for monetizing his connections after leaving the Senate and failing to pay taxes, Dick Gephardt for denouncing lobbyists and then becoming one.

Recalling the s, when white male workers had it good, Reich wryly acknowledges that others fared less well. Setting aside his confused stance on middle-class demand, Reich makes several cogent arguments. Drawing on well-known findings from psychology and economics, he notes robert reich aftershock people find it hard not to increase consumption when others around them are spending lavishly.

In a poor country, a man proves that he loves his wife by presenting her with a rose; in robert reich aftershock country where the rich splash money on extravagant bouquets, even ordinary husbands feel obliged to buy six roses. Caught between rising aspirations and stagnant wages, Reich says, middle-class Americans have gone through a series of coping mechanisms.

First, women joined the workforce, giving families a second income. In this sense, inequality helped to stoke the credit bubble. Now that the bubble has burst, these coping mechanisms are exhausted. Americans are not going to push their working hours up even more.

Nor are Americans going to incur more debts; to the contrary, the credit bust has forced them to pay down their balances. They have to make do with less. View all New York Times newsletters.

The belt-tightening is not likely to be popular, and Reich goes so far as to suggest that it could trigger a political convulsion. People are very likely to resent material losses bitterly if these are not broadly and fairly shared. And in the wake of the financial crisis, fairness has gone by the wayside: At some point in the not-too-distant future, Reich warns, C.

Reich concludes with robert reich aftershock wish list of reforms that might head off such a confrontation. He wants a top income-tax rate of 55 percent, with the kicker that income from capital gains, now taxed at 15 percent, would face the same robert reich aftershock as income from salaries. He wants wage insurance — temporary compensation for workers who take big pay cuts when robert reich aftershock shift jobs — as well as investments that make public transportation and Medicare more available.

These proposals are generally reasonable — the top marginal tax rate was 70 percent or more between anda period of generally strong growth, and Medicare is more cost-effective than private insurance. But Reich also throws a few curveballs, and fails to discuss the gains in social fairness and economic growth that could be secured by limiting mortgage-interest deductions and other loopholes in the tax code. But the really interesting question is whether Reich is right about the politics — whether the new Gilded Age will conjure up a new William Jennings Bryan, and whether such a candidate could be elected.

Even in the harshest periods of American history, after all, economic resentments have been surprisingly muted and rabble-rousing populists have videospin gratis portuguese to win power. Toward the end of the Depression, in the late s, a sociologist named Alfred Winslow Jones conducted field research around the violently strike-prone factories of Akron, Ohio, expecting that bitter industrial conflict might have created equally bitter class divisions.

To his surprise, he found little evidence of such polarization. Thus reassured, Jones migrated from sociology to journalism to finance. Ultimately, in a twist that Reich might grimly appreciate, he invented a fantastically profitable investment vehicle. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.

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Robert reich aftershock After that Reich moves off into a fantasy world whe "Aftershock" is a copycat ripoff of several other robert reich aftershock. At the end Reich gives his solutions to these pressing problems. The Great Recession and its aftershock are bad, but not nearly as bad. He believes our economy robert reich aftershock like a pendulum that swings from eras in which economic benefits are widely shared, to those in which wealth becomes concentrated in a very few hands at the top. Simply put, workers are also consumers. Further suggestions:
Robert reich aftershock Please try again later. I completely recommend this meditation on the economy. If they didn't like it, they can cash in their citizenship and live elsewhere. Telephone operators? When the occasion arises, the wealthy executive introduces them to the politician.
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