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Nice7 live set

nice7 live set

For the last decade our annual Miami mix albums have set the Andrea Oliva, Paolo Rocco and NICe7 have been quietly and unassumingly making resp. made his mark as a DJ in the Montreal house music scene and has. Dr Rubberfunk · My Life At 45 Part 2. 1-February Previous. Page 1 of 5. Next. Latest charts. - · NiCe7 · NiCe7's Feelings Chart. December an interview with dance music producers Nice7. Before the release of our first single, Nicola was doing a live set with Mark Knight and played.

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Since they have been honing their tech house templates with releases on Gruuv, Noir Music, Suara Nice7 live set and now Great Stuff, whilst also spinning their alluring sets to people in countries all across Europe.

Initially emerging with some strong remixes, this exciting nice7 live set are now masters of their own musical destinies. We grabbed 5 minutes to find out more. We were both born in the same small coastal town in the centre of Italy. Untilwe worked in music separately, both of us starting at the age of After a lot of nice7 live set experiences all over Italy, we decided to join forces — in djing, clubbing and production.

This was how our project Nice 7 started. Did you grow up listening to electronic music or? How did you come to it?

Was there much around where you grew up? As we said, we grew up in a small town, where lots of things were not available to everyone. Unlike today, thanks to the internet.

The first way we got to know music was over the radio. From there, curiosity and the desire to discover new things led us to local music stores, thanks to which we learned about different kinds of music, including those closer to club culture. We both started Djing in in local clubs. Cesare used to make beats with an atari falcon and a Ensoniq ASR sampler.

Nicola was listening to a lot nice7 live set old vinyls from the collection of his uncle, who used to be a radio DJ. He also really got into Salsoul Records and the music of Larry Levan. Then inCesare moved to Milan where he worked as a sound engineer and arranger for different studios producing club music. Nicola nice7 live set many experiences in clubs and events all over Italy, where he met lots of international djs and producers.

Who does what — do you nice7 live set have specific roles when performing and writing or….? Cesare does more of the technical work and the studio arrangements, Nicola is always looking for new music and different ideas to work on. But we do everything together, both in studio and live on the sets. We had started doing original tracks, obviously. Mark liked it a lot and decided to release it a little while after.

It was incredible to see ourselves on the top 10 in Beatport with our all-time first release! Obviously later, after pav sig s release, other labels asked us for remixes.

And because of that our remixes were released before our originals! And here we are! Cesare is very active, he does a lot of sports and loves longboard and snowboarding. He also loves to be around his girlfriend and play the guitar or drums with friends. Mateo Paz — Gain Find us on facebook Return to top of page. Home UK. You are here: Quick Fire Interview: Wed 24th August by Little Jo.

How did you guys meet? What drew you to each other? And what is the name about? And how long was it before you started making music and DJing nice7 live set I wonder how you ended up doing remixes before doing your own productions?

What do you aim to achieve in the music you make and with the sets you play? How did you hook up with Great Stuff? And can you tell us about your forthcoming Toolroom Release? Who are you on the daily outside of music? Nice7 live set else you got coming up? Filed Under: Mateo Paz — Gain Find us on facebook. Return to top of page.

nice7 live set

NiCe7 - Set @ 5uinto [] by [ MIX FEED ] listeners | Mixcloud

BeatPort Top 10 - TyDi feat. Sau Link Download 6. Sau Link Download 2. Sau Link Download 4. Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 19 Aprilie Update 04 Aprilie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 04 Aprilie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 27 Martie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 19 Martie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 16 Martie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 14 Martie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 11 Martie Selectii Muzica Deep-House - 09 Martie Update 23 Februarie Selectii Muzica Minimal - 17 Mai Update 17 August Update 30 Martie Claptone - Cream Original Mix 6: Cuartero - Nube Hector Couto Remix 6: Deep Mind - True Original Mix 6: Cari Golden Maceo Plex Remix 7: Fatfingers — Poyekhali Original Mix 9: Feygin - El Bistec Original Mix 7: Flight Facilities - Foreign Language feat.

Gotye feat. B Edit nice7 live set Jamie Woon - Street Prunk Remix 6: Juli Holz feat. Daso - Winterabend Original Version 6: Kellerkind - Backflash Original Mix 6: Mendo - Old School Original Mix 7: Mollan - Sentimientos Original Mix 9: Negru ft. NiCe7 - Longboard Original Mix 6: Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran - Hypnotized Original Version 5: Pavel Petrov - Koral Original Mix 6: Sascha Braemer - People Original Mix 5: Someone Else - Pillowface M. Chriss Vogt Funk Remix 6: Steve Mac - Mousique Original Mix 6: Wender A.

Update 09 Octombrie Amir - Soft Watch Original Mix 6: Apster, Firebeatz - Cencerro Original Mix 5: Black Coffee ft. Bucie - Superman Club Mix 8: Nice7 live set Smith - Schlachtrufe brd 1 Original Mix 9: Crazibiza - My Lips Original Mix 6: Cuartero - Unameri Original Mix 7: Wehbba Remix 7: Gorge - Makena H.

Remix 7: Gustavo Bravetti - Swan Nice7 live set Mix 7: Heartik - Le Clochard Original Mix 6: Jack Harris - Sundown Original Mix 5: Mark Reeve - Carlito Original Mix 6: Muzzaik - Happy Flute Original Mix 6: Nick Curly - Arkum Original Mix 7: Noir - Sunrise Original Mix 6: Noir - Sunrise Thomas Schumacher Remix 7: Pele - Be Real Nice7 live set Mix 7: Pirupa - Blu Original Mix 7: Sergio Fernandez - Tron Original Mix 8: Tanov - La Ribambelle 7: Tanov - Tortoiz Waltz Onno Remix 8: Tanov - Tortoiz Waltz Original Mix 7: Update 30 August Andhim - Extragold Original Mix 6: Channel X - Rodeo Original Mix 6: Crazibiza - Eastchester Nice7 live set Mix 6: Goldtrixx ft.

Gucci Vump - Sha! Original Mix 4: Heartik - Hola! Original Mix nice7 live set Kryder - Me Original Mix 7: Mario Ochoa - Collage Original Mix 8: Mendo - Morena Original Mix 7: Sharam feat. Solomun - Love Recycled 1 Original Mix 7: Toris Badic - Bambo Original Mix 6: Toris Badic - Johnny Original Mix 6: Vozmediano - El Che Original Mix 8: Wehbba - Dirty Pictures Original Mix 7: Update 13 Martie Chris James - Habanera Original Mix 3: Hector Couto - Amanece Original Mix nice7 live set Hector Couto - Sweet Times Rework 6: Sua Amoa - Tiger Dub Mix 6: Luca M - Mascara Original Mix 7: Mikel Curcio - Attention Original Mix 3: Nicone feat.

Narra - Caje Original Mix 6: Sam Paganini - Feel Samy Remix 6: Shlomi Aber - Namgo Original Mix 6: Studio Apartment feat. Tim Andresen - Arsay Original Mix 4:

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