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Cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity

cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity

Cor-Bon uses flash-suppressed powder along with skived bullets with scored jackets to offer high-velocity defense loads that expand quickly with. 9mm Luger Results in fps. Click here for a Muzzle Energy graph for the tests in this caliber. barrel length, Cor Bon 90 gr. JHP +P, Cor Bon gr. JHP +P, Cor. Ballistics Testing Cor-Bon 90 Grain JHP For this ACP load, Cor-Bon publishes a velocity of fps and also claims expansion with Ammunition labeled as +P should not be used in any firearm unless the firearm. Corbon 9mm 90gr +P Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition made its reputation with "high velocity" loads. This high velocity, combined with exclusively designed. Where regular jacketed hollow point rounds fail, COR-BON® delivers, with impressive velocity and fast expansion! Typical JHP rounds plug up with clothing and. 9mm Luger +P 90gr Self-Defense JHP COR®BON's line of high velocity JHP ammunition is still PROVEN to be effective and remains #1 in STOPPING.

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Cor-Bon Self-Defense Ammo 9mm Luger +P 90 Grain - MPN: SD/20

Cor Bon! I had to set back and think on some, and reflect on the fact that while Cor Bon has been around for some time they are still regarded as a 'new' company. Perhaps they still have something to prove, but that is only with those who have not used this brand.

Those who have swear by Cor Bon. The diverse and expanding Cor Bon line included not only the better known defense loads but also first class hunting loads in popular calibers. And then there are the less popular calibers that Cor Bon is really the only choice in. If you wish to maximize the. The first Cor Bon products were high quality hunting loads, but the line is much more extensive these days. Lets take a look at some of the high points.

I cannot comment on the loads I have not tested but it standard to reason that the quality of each group will cross over into the others. A bridge we need to cross is the reputation among shooters for 'hot' loads. A hot load is one thing or the other, but in the sense that a load is too hot Cor Bon does not meet the criteria. You will not suffer flattened primers or sticky case extraction.

The loads are formulated to maximize performance for the caliber. Ordinary loads are plentiful, and Cor Bon does not sell plinking loads. Cor Bon ammunition is intended only for modern firearms in good condition. Heavy loads may shorten the life span of any firearm. But quality firearms are surprisingly long lived. Cor Bon ammunition is for serious purposes. Alteryx tool example resumes appropriate amount of ammunition should be fired to gema gesperrte youtube videos en mac reliability and to properly sight the piece in.

A hundred rounds is a reasonable reliability test. As an example, cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity. With a grain bullet, a standard load in. This increase in velocity is an aid in encouraging hollow point bullet upset. Some handguns are able to digest large amounts of these loads without any problem. But Colts and Springfields differ from Llama pistols and others. As most of you know, I am dorlands medical dictionary for windows a great fan of the 9mm Luger caliber.

But with some loadings the performance of the caliber is greatly increased. Ball loadings and low velocity jacketed hollowpoint bullets simply do not do the business. The Cor Bon load made a tremendous handload available to the public with factory quality control.

This is a good loading that has suffered some controversy over the balance of expansion and penetration. But the loading has proven effective and in some calibers a compromise is necessary. As for velocity, the following table gives the results I have cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity in my personal handguns.

In my experience Cor Bon meets or exceeds their own advertisements in four inch barrel or longer handguns. There is also a 90 grain JHP at about fps that may find appeal with those who wish to limit penetration. This is at best a specialty load but one that shows good accuracy and a clean powder burn. This is a grain load using the Barnes X bullet. This is a solid copper bullet with a long bearing surface for accuracy.

The bullet's nose expands in a petal-like formation when the bullet is fire into ballistic gelatin. The body of the bullet remains solid, and the long shank gives good penetration. This is an excellent all around choice in 9mm for police work or personal defense. Many with extensive wound ballistics research experience are enthusiastic concerning this cartridge. Velocity is fps.

If you are a fan of this grand cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity cartridge, Cor Bon offers the only factory loadings that maximizes the caliber. There are two loadings, the grain JHP at fps and the grain loading at over fps. Accuracy in a good pistol such as the Kimber Target Model is excellent.

There is really no demand for a match grade accurate. The Cor Bon loading will turn in 1. I am familiar with quite a few shootings with the. The Super will not quite equal the fps grain Magnum, but today's. The Super should equal this performance, but interpolation is an inexact science. I like the Super and I like the Cor Bon load. I respect the. It was once viewed as a compromise cartridge but we find little compromise in this round, it is more like a big bore than a "gap-splitter" between the 9mm and the.

Many who jump on the. It will certainly get the job done. However, in my experience the and grain Cor Bon loads are often gilt-edged accurate.

The fps grain load and the fps cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity load are good choices for all around use. I have taken a cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity tail deer with the grain load at moderate range. It was four legs in the air, and hardly a kick. If you like the 10mm cartridge, Cor Bon offers top flight personal defense loads and also first class hunting loads.

The and grain controlled expansion loads are ideal for hunting medium game with the 10mm. Sometime ago, I test fired a Glock 10mm pistol with cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity loads. I am not really a Glock man, but mastered the trigger well enough to do several 1.

This is the big one, Elmer Keith's brain child and despite the introduction of the. When confronting dangerous game at short range there is no room for mistake. The grain bonded-core hollowpoint reaches fps, more from longer barrel revolvers, and the grain bullet reaches fps. But the stopper, the great penetrator, is the grain Bonded Core BC. This load averages fps and packs plenty of power. Penetration is on the level of a. This is a load for those wishing to hunt the largest bear with a handgun, or even African game in the hands of a seasoned handgunner.

When we talk about the. A five hundred grain bullet at fps equals or exceeds the energy of most shotgun slugs. This is the greatest of handgun cartridges and quite possibly the most powerful that will ever be produced. The size of the handguns involved and the ability of the human body to absorb recoil are a limiting factor.

The Cor Bon. However, this is load much easier on the hand and bones than the full power Magnum loads. A grain. Many of us own perfectly good older pistols that will not feed jacketed hollowpoint ammunition well. Sometimes, a that will not feed hollow points will begin to feed well when a Wilson Combat magazine is used. This magazine feeds the bullet nose directly into the chamber, cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity than bouncing the bullet off the feed ramp.

This makes for much better feed reliability. Just the same, some handguns will not reliably feed hollowpoint ammunition. Cor Bon developed the PowRBall to feed reliably in these pistols. Among the pistols I have tested included various early model Llama pistols - which I do not recommend for personal defense.

But the load fed absolutely reliably. Another piece that worked well with the new Cor Bon bullet is the Berettaa 9mm pistol that would not feed any type of hollow point.

Interestingly, the Browning High Power is more feed reliable than most give it credit for, but early model Taurus 92 pistols sometimes will not feed JHP bullets.

The PowRBall bullet feeds very well in these pieces, as reliably as the ball loadings I use for practice. The PowRBall is simply a wide nose hollowpoint with a polymer plug in the middle. Unlike, say, the old BAT round, the plug does not blow away in the air and allow the bullet to function as a normal JHP. Rather the PowRBall polymer plug instigates bullet expansion. It works very well.

The original Commander is a durable piece but when semi-wadcutter or jacketed hollow point loads are used, the feed ramp sometimes takes a bad gouging from the blunt nose of either type bullet. For this reason, an aluminum frame pistol must be restricted to ball ammunition or it must be designed from the first with a ramped barrel.

Modern Springfield and Para Ordnance pistols used ramped barrels. The PowRBall changes this. There are also revolver loads available in. My friend Michael wondered why a PowRBall in a revolver load, but the lightweight hollowpoints with the big ball in the nose do work well and expand well.

BBTI - Ballistics by the Inch :: 9mm Luger Results

They were often unreliable, and the fit, feel and accuracy were poor. Few officers could successfully quality with the M59 at 50 yards. Yes, we qualified at 50 yards in those days. The M59 9mm was one reason many academies and departments dropped the yard qualification.

With the heavy, double-action pull and poorly designed grip, first-shot hit probability was poor. Even worse, the first generations of 9mm hollow-point loads were pretty poor. The 9mm, when introduced inwas a hot number. The German Luger, and later the trendsetting P38 Walther, were well-made handguns. The P38 held its own with any modern handgun. Common with the poorly designed hollow points were failures to expand and unreliable feeds. The result was a bad combination.

Shooters found the 9mm pistol more difficult than the. When supplied to law enforcement, agencies signed a hold-harmless agreement in case the loads greatly accelerated wear on the handguns.

By that time, handloaders developed a standard handload for personal defense in the 9mm. Many carried handloads because factory ammunition was not the quality we have today.

There were few reliable hollow-point bullets. That combination got the 9mm up off its knees. However, the greatest boon to cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity was a aaiye mehrban baithiye available 9mm hollow-point loading that equaled or exceeded the LEO loadings. Cops could order it with less hassle—overall, a good deal.

Every round has performed as advertised, with good feed reliability, excellent accuracy and good quality control. Some lots may run faster than others, although that is the norm for all modern production ammunition. Not surprisingly, they did so. It was an grain, all-copper cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity.

The softer nose expanded, while the solid base retained weight. The bullet, at 86 grains, reached fps in service-length handguns at standard pressure and always fed because a cap that covered the cavernous hollow nose flew away when the bullet exited the barrel. As a side note, my firing tests performed long ago showed the cap impacted the target near the bullet at up to 7 yards, not ideal for hostage rescue. Additionally, berdan priming did not store well. The light bullet is fast enough for good expansion.

The notebook ebook pdf most lightweight bullets, the X bullet retains its weight and penetrates to the ideal range. Trackback from your site. I would be glad to test these loads, however, all the figures I publish are actual velocity from a real handgun using Competition Electronics Chronograph.

Ammunition selection is sometimes personal but just the same only verifiable and repeatable results serve the user. I have used this ammo in. It feeds reliably in finicky guns, such as a A1 in. Felt recoil with the lighter bullets is less, but the speed makes up for lighter weight, as evidenced by the energy specs.

My wife and I can do much better with follow-up shots in a short barreled concealed carry pistol with this ammo. We keep this ammo in all of our handguns. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Time limit is exhausted. A compact 9mm benefits most from the gr. DPX loading. Campbell demonstrates excellent control with the Beretta Bob Campbell is a former peace officer and published author with over 40 years combined shooting and police and security experience.

Bob holds a degree in Criminal Justice. His latest book is Dealing with the Great Ammo Shortage. Bob is well-known for his firearm testing. View all articles by Bob Campbell. Share This! Print Share on Tumblr. Like this: Like Loading Check Out These Related Articles. The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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PHOCA TRADUTTORE ITALIANO GRECO Cor-Bon uses flash-suppressed powder along with skived bullets with scored jackets to offer high-velocity defense loads that expand quickly with high weight retention and without cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity fear of over-penetration. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again. Hydra- Shok JHP. You will have the opportunity to find and choose one in your area before placing your order. Other Resources BBTI is not the end-all of ballistics testing, just one more component available for the common good. Learn how you can enable Javascript.
LAGU LENKA OST WINDOWS 8 Oversized Incurs additional shipping charges due to the large or irregular shape of the product. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Expand'g FMJ Federal gr. In addition to extensive discussion about ballistics to be found at many gun forums, here are some other great resources pertaining to ballistics testing you should check out. This project, and all of its results, is only our fault.
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We're sorry, midwayusa. Learn how you can enable Javascript. Eligible for. You must be 21 years or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Please check local laws before ordering. Cor-Bon uses flash-suppressed powder along with skived bullets with scored jackets to offer high-velocity defense loads that expand quickly with high weight retention and without the fear of over-penetration. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.

Cor-Bon will occasionally use popular industry branded brass when loading their ammunition depending on availability. Product Family: Enlarge Zoom in. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again.

For hygiene reasons, underwear and mouth calls may only be bruce springsteen sociedade alternativa music in new, unused condition. Products requiring fuel or liquids may not be returned once the fuel or liquids have been added must also be in new, unused condition. Quantity Limit of 0 Due to high demand and our desire to serve as cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity that each individual Customer may order.

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cor bon 90 gr p 9mm velocity

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