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Your sword vs my dagger

your sword vs my dagger

Silverstein Your Sword Versus My Dagger Discovering The Waterfront Submitted by: Key: F Tuning: Standard EADGBe. Your Sword Vs. My Dagger. Silverstein. I'm cutting through, you're bleeding out. And I would tell the truth, but I can't help myself. Red rushes out, dissect this. View interactive tab. Play. Silverstein - Your Sword Versus My Dagger Drop D Tuning figure out the strumming for yourself not to hard Gt.1 Intro. Lyrics to "Your Sword Versus My Dagger" song by Silverstein: I'm cutting through, you're bleeding out And I would tell the truth, but I can't help myself Red r. Lyrics for Your Sword Versus My Dagger by Silverstein. I'm cutting through, you're bleeding out And I would tell the truth, but I can't help myse.

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Marcelo domingues cd Todos Your sword vs my dagger eu. Hot lyrics. Permanent scars And you'll justify it all inside yourself You've finished me, my pulse is gone And you're satisfied to put this all to hell I wasn't asking for the world And you know that I'm not one to follow through All these city streets the people look the same And I can see your face, and I can hear your name I wasn't asking for the world Drink the poison, when you think it's over Drink the hasee mj105 drivers Stabbing yourself, when you think it's too late Tragic endings are your thing, you love them Tragic endings You love letting go, the ending's the same Drink the poison, when you think it's over Drink the poison Inevitable, Verona lives inside of you I wasn't asking for the world And you know your sword vs my dagger I'm not one to follow through All these city streets the people look the same And I can see your face, and I can hear your name I wasn't asking for the world. Your Sword Vs. Mastered by.
your sword vs my dagger

Batman Vs. Superman | Who Would Win A Fight

Batman vs Superman. Without kryptonite batman has 0 chance of winning. People say batman knows all fighting styles and is smart but hitting something harder than steel with all styles of combat is still gona your sword vs my dagger 0 effect on him.

Superman 1 — 0 batman. SUperman 2 — 0 batman. SUPerman 3 — 0 batman. You guys need to stop talking about what superman can do with objects without minds or limbs and think about the fight. Batman has plenty of equipment that could easily defend against supermans power he has a massive bat suit that can shoot rockets and shit like that but all of yall forget one thing batman always carries kryptonite with him which batman can easily either get superman close to him or he can easily get close to superman.

Superman relies on his powers, his strength might be powerful however higher intellect with brains and brawns makes me the winner of this brawl.

When the Green Lantern was asked if he was to destroy the Justice League, who would he take out first? He said that he would take out the most dangerous one, Batman. In the case of Batman vs Superman, Batman will win. In the other hand, Superman would hold back. People say batman is smart and has kyrptonite but no one actually comes up with a way to get it near superman, in the comics superman fights him hand to hand and angra dom call mp3 s how batman got it near him come on really they only did that so batman would have have a chance no one would read a story if superman has no challenge and he just stands there destroying everything.

Kryptonite bullet: Well if I may be so katharsis kruzifixxion movies I would have to say that the bat would most likely win and here are a few reasons why: He could obtain some kryptonite somehow he is a friggin billionaire so he could just simply shoot superman with a gun with a bullet your sword vs my dagger piece of kryptonite which will sit least neutralize him long enough for batman to use the rest of it.

Before stating this next fact superman is a great superhero and it is possible that he could have just tore out the bullet than demolished batman easily but that is just another factor in this battle 2. He could easily push superman to the ground and had he pre-fight made a kryptonite dagger just slice him but again many factors that can change things around.

So my conclusion to this message: Without kryptonite and red solar energy batman has 0 chance of winning. I love the Batman, but when u say a fight, I believe it should be considered from all aspects, I respect intelligence, but u need a basic power level to destroy your opponent, Batman lacks this strength to give the final blow to superman. SO here Supes win. However, if Batman is given the strength to give the final blow, I would tighthen up my Undie and fly away as far as possible form Batman.

Acapellas dj software my favorite super hero and everyone knows superman not human.

Which ever super hero as a weakness batman can get crush bye any strong alien from DC. Superman would win, no matter how much we like Batman. Look I love superman but I still enjoy batman. What I want to know is why the heck do the writers have to make them fight?! So and batman has said that superman can kill him. Why do people keep saying, oh Batman is smarter. Who cares! If he did Superman can blow that up too! In reality there is no way batman could even step into the ring with superman no matter if he is a genious or what.

The type of unworldly power superman posses is far from anything that any mortal has even seen. Im mean come on, he flew around the earth in seconds and reversed rotation on earth in one movie and redirected a nuclear warhead, held up a train…batman is a regular man who is a bit crafty and knows martial arts, wow…one sneeze from superman and batmans history.

Thats the facts. Those who say oh come on its impossible that superman can be that powerful in the first place needs to realize…. Batman never stood a chance from the start. There is no way in the realm of possibility that a mere mortal, no matter how smart he is could beat Superman! He could not budge Superman even if he ran your sword vs my dagger Batmobile into Superman at miles per hour.

He could set off a nuke under Superman and Superman could shield the blast. This discussion is crazy. If Batman hits Superman as hard as he can, all your sword vs my dagger comes away with is a busted hand. Superman could with one finger flick Batman away like a bug. Come on now. Superman is not a mere mortal like Batman.

I love Batman but can he fly into the Sun? Can he have a missile shot at him without dying? Of course not. Yes with kryptonite, he can harm Superman. Yet Superman could stay out of distance and Batman could do no damage while Superman could destroy Batman and spank him bad. So let it be manno against manno and watch Batman crumble. Batman was kiked out of justice league because he was Sean as a treat he had everyone in the justice leagues weakness I think he would win because superman was part of the justice league plus on top of all that batman worked so hard for all the weakneses that know he has a whole box of criptonite.

Superman on his own: Laser vision, flying into the centre of the sun, super strength, super speed, hears everything, can punch people through buildings, can be hit by a freight train and walks away without a hair out of place. Batman on his own: Struggles against a roided out jock bane and gets punched out, has a tough time against al-ghul and a schizophrenic clown and has no cricket t20 fever game 128x160. Superman vs batman: Batman is an unkillable super-genious who can predict anything and account for all scenarios to infinity.

Superman has effectively no powers, your sword vs my dagger unaware he has any sort of ability, can barely take a humans punch and has no motivation to fight, even if its for his own life. In a realistic fight: Superman, is strong only because he is an Alien. He has no merit unlike Batman who has build himself.

Yes, you have to admit, Superman is strong, he can fly, send laser, breath underwater, and he have almost every God-like powers. Batman know already he can loose front Superman, but no matter what. Maybe he is using tricks, but he is not born lucky with all your sword vs my dagger, he never get a easy life.

Batman has always worked hard, mind, strength and skills. Do not judge him, because he is a man. Batman does not have any inhumane powers like superman which allows him to be more powerful. Batman in fact, would never connect with any attack; Superman would always dodge. But when you look it from this angle, Batman no matter how you put it, is still, human. For me, there is no clever use of tools or careful placement of kryptonite that would allow Batman to compete.

There is no shortage of ways for Superman to subdue Batman without coming anywhere close: Vote here: Batman is a human. And in his case he is a human wearing a suit of armer. Superman comes from a planet known as krypton where all beings can do the impossible. And Cal L superman is stronger and more intelligent as well since the codex was stored in his body when he was born. Super man would destroy batman.

Superman is practically a god. Some guns, knives, and a metal suit are not going to stop superman at all. Not trying to put batman down but he has nothing over superman. First off, I must start out by saying that I am a Superman fanboy. That being said, Batman has become more apealing to me and I ow more Batman comics than I di Superman. Superman for me works more as a movie caracter for various reasons. All ofciarse depends on the rules and the moral codes.

The problem is that Superman is a misunderstood being. Question is always — can Batman beat Superman. This question has been used by writers to the advantage of Batman. It all depends on the rules and even if Superman keeps his moral code, Batman can only survive if Superman choose this to happen.

The fact is that, for the same reason people do not like bullies, Superman will never go all out against Batman as this would defy your sword vs my dagger core caracter. I think that batman would because he can take a fricking sword made your sword vs my dagger Krypton. I think your an 80 year old man who I guess is a fucking douche bag and your rich in life.

And your arguring with a kid. You just wasted your sword vs my dagger little life. Have your sword vs my dagger in hell! I think batman would because he could stab your sword vs my dagger in the gut with kryptonite. So yeah.

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