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Easy to master card miracles youtube

easy to master card miracles youtube

Easy to Master Thread Miracles Vol 3 - Michael Ammar (DVD). € Add to Cart Easy to master card miracles by Michael Ammar Vol 8 (DVD). € Simply the greatest collection of powerful card magic ever. Astonishing and entertaining, this classic collection of card magic is sure to knock you out. Powerful. You can find some performances from vol on youtube. . Then, Michael Ammar puts out "Easy to Master Card Miracles" and basically. The first three volumes took the magic world by storm. Consistently classic effects , broadcast quality filming and editing, free bonus effects which include the. The first three volumes took the magic world by storm. Consistently classic effects , broadcast quality filming and editing, free bonus effects which include the.

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Premium Decks NEW: Top Inventors 1. Juan Tamariz 2. Stephen Minch 3. Cody Fisher 4. Stephen Hobbs 5. Nicholas Lawrence 6. Dan Harlan 7. Manos 8. Brent Braun 9. Paul Gordon Sal Piacente Lee Earl Lee Earle Rick Lax Edo Yigal Mesika Matt Baker Phedon Bilek Mark Southworth Bond Lee Hugo Shelley. Volume One contains: Magic Tricks NEW: Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you'll get an email easy to master card miracles youtube your gift certificate.

Easy to master card miracles youtube price: Review Wishlist. In stock: Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Write a review! Customer Reviews showing 1 - of 7. Showing the Most Helpful Easy to master card miracles youtube. Michael Ammar is, in my opinion, one of the best magic teachers in existence.

His teaching style is calm, clear, and nicely paced. The attitude he presents, along with his obvious love for magic, makes these DVDs all the more valuable.

Did this review help you? Do you want to respond to this review? This is a wonderful DVD set. As my title suggests, it's a must have for beginners and intermediates. But even more experienced magicians can find value in my opinion. The tricks are easy, but good enough for paid performances. Some practice is required though, but that should go without saying. Some tricks are impromptu, some aren't.

Some require extra props, some don't. In other words, a wide variety of effects. To me, this series teaches the distinction between card tricks and card magic.

Michael Ammar is a very effective and inspiring teacher. Not only are the effects great, but the clips are fun to watch. He does all the magic in front of a live audience and it's really entertaining and inspiring.

I can't recommend these videos enough. I also recommend getting Pokemon the origins soundtrack Lorayne's four DVD set, which focuses pretty much entirely on tricks that are impromptu and that use only a deck of cards. With these two sets, you have a card magic gold mine. The material on the card miracles dvds is extremely commercial, mind blowing stuff.

DVD 1 easy to master card miracles youtube no exception. This is the card trick that made me a lover of card magic. It is incredible. If you are looking for simplicity in execution with a lot of impact, then go no further than this DVD.

Easy to master card miracles youtube you really should own them all they are that good. Great tricks, great teaching. I have already watched the video to decide which effects I want to learn. I will be working on perfecting those soon. I really like the Red Hot Mamma trick because such a great effect is achieved with so little work. Michael Ammar is a great teacher and I eventually plan on purchasing all of the dvds in this series.

I recommend Volume one and I'm sure the others are great too! If you get this dvd, you WILL learn!!! I do parties and events all the time and I always use at least a few of these tricks in them. Red Hot Mama is incredible and so very easy to learn. Its worth every cent and I plan on buying volumes 2, and 3 very soon as well.

Only thing that bugs me is the video quality, but who cares. This DVD is great, and there is something for everyone of any level in here. I use two tricks on this video all the time, so I will review them here - 8 card brainwave - An amazing packet trick that you can make up using normal cards.

You take 8 cards and fan the faces to the audience. They think of one card and name it out loud. You take that card out of the packet and place it on the table. You display the faces and the backs of all the other cards. All of them are seen to be blue, but the one card they chose is red! Cannibal Cards - This is one of my favorite tricks of all time, hands down. The four kings are removed, and they eat 3 selected cards one at a time.

Then, after they eat those cards, they are still hungry! They then start eating each other until only one king or kannibal: Then, you "cut" open his stomach, adobe dreamweaver "spread" its contents on the table. There are the four kings inside its stomach, and inside each of their stomachs are the 3 selected cards. This has to be one of the best videos I own. Get it today, you won't regret it. Magic Rainbow by. Totally Hands Of.

Pile Driver by M. Marked Cards reviews. Wall Street by J. Easy to master card miracles youtube to Card Box. Giacomo Bertini'. Sal Piacente LIV. The Books of Sophia stallone snapchat. Mark Southworth'. Loops New Genera. Bicycle Elite Ed.

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Easy to Master Business Card Miracles by Michael Ammar -

Apr 1, I have 1 - 6 of this set on old vhs and DVD but I was wondering if 7, 8 and 9 were worth a look or easy to master card miracles youtube they like a bad sequel, not as strong of material, came out too late past the first ?

I have never really heard any talk about these 3 volumes but tons of praise for the first 6. Anyone that has them care to comment on the material easy to master card miracles youtube these 3 vols compared to the others?

You can find some performances from vol on youtube. That might help you decide whether to buy the last 3 volumes. Good link, thanks. My favorite by far is Larry Jennings 'The Visitor' I know it sounds easy to master card miracles youtube, but I deeply appreciate 'the Real Secrets' sections on the tapes. On Apr 1,lynnef wrote: I wonder why that set slipped by quietly when and both of which I love were all the rage at the time.

That was before there was so much internet and you wore out the tapes rewinding over and over too. I may need to save victorious doll jade pennies. Im sure, like all his other work, you wont go wrong. Highly recommended poof! They seem a little more I agree that Jennings 'the visitor' along with Socrates cards to pocket, sleeve aces, and two shuffles Harry are some of the best routines on the whole set.

I also wondered why these appeared so quietly. Jerry sadowitz asked me if I'd seen vol 7, and I thought he was winding me up! There's a lot of good material on those 3 volumes. You won't be disappointed. I think if you buy the full set of DVDs 1 thru 9 directly from Ammar's website, he offers a great deal. Huge discounts if you buy his Encyclopedia of Card Sleights 1 thru 8.

Apr 2, You got so much for your money. Out of all the full set, I perform the most material from Volumes It seems they added a bunch of filler effects for vols they could have combined the best tricks on one dvd. Apr 3, The spec gets to shuffle the cards and see the mixed up colours for himself at the outset, making his subsequent "clairvoyance" really diabolical. Yeah, I think there are easy to master card miracles youtube great bits on the later volumes--this isn't the only one. On Apr 2,Chamberlain wrote: Those are truly real card magic miracles I learnt from this wonderful set and I still perform most of them after a decade, namely: All in all without this wonderful DVD set I probably will not in magic at all, card magic in particular.

Apr 4, I learned practically all of these tricks by reading books. Hundreds of hours reading small print text without many illustrations searching for the "gems". Then, Michael Ammar puts out "Easy to Master Card Miracles" and basically presents all of these classic card tricks on a silver platter to those who don't read books. Am I bitter? You will get lots of mileage out of those dvd's ammar loves saying "lots of mileage". Apr 5, Apr 6, You can study this collection a long time.

Some oft the tricks you will perform for the rest of your life. Lee Stan New user 56 Posts. Cardflipper New user 61 Posts. Lynn Could not agree more. It's a great set. KokoB Loyal user Posts. Chamberlain Elite user Scotland Posts. I absolutely love Harry's Best Ever; and I would agree that if one wants 'stronger impromptu card magic', they should go to this.

But me thinks that its a bit unfair to compare to Ammar, who has many effects which are not impromptu, including packet material. I stand by my thumbs up review for the volumes ; so a little friendly disagreement there. Robert M Inner circle Posts.

MuscleMagic Special user Posts. Magic-Scott Veteran user Posts. All Rights Reserved. This page was created in 0.

easy to master card miracles youtube

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