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Best software blogs

best software blogs

Read this list of top software development blogs in to follow if you want to stay updated with new trends & innovations in software industry. Software Development Blogs Best List. Find software developer blog, custom software development, software development tools, software. If you are a seasoned software developer, then like me, you must have realized the need to keep Thanks to some of the best blogs on technology out there. The CodeBetter blog has one main goal – introduce developers to better tools, methodologies and practices within software development. That's why we created today's post: to give software developers like you a headstart, compiling 40 of the best dev blogs on the web. For each blog we've.

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Setting Up a Programmer Portfolio/Developer Blog – How To Get Started

You sandy sandro asmara kitayama find small language specific lists, but nothing that contains a large quantity of different languages. If you have an excellent blog where you post up-to-date content on one of the subjects below, let us know and we can add it to the list.

By Josh Earl November 1, About the author. Related Posts. Are Technical Skills Enough? CodingWithMitch has free tutorials for all skill levels best software blogs beginner to advanced. Also full length courses where you build apps like an Instagram Clone using Firebase. Mitch is a freelance Android dev and course author for Pluralsight. Tons of free Android articles, tutorials and other high best software blogs content. This site was created and is maintained by the creators of droid5.

Android Authority focuses on anything to do with Android. Blog about Andorid UI patterns. Smashing Android UI. Android GDE. Blog by Android developer Taylor Ling. Taylor focuses on Material Design and is a Google Design expert. I mainly focus on creating polished, pixel-perfect, smooth and responsive applications helping end users achieve their goals painlessly and, more importantly, as quickly as possible.

This blog is where I write about my experiences and best software blogs. My name is Romain Guy and this is my web site about photography and anything else I find time to write about. I currently work as a software engineer at Best software blogs, on the Android project.

I andersons book of constitutions in California, where I enjoy taking photos whenever my work gives me a chance. GDE for Android. I write code and https: Then I relax by supporting Watford FC. After that I need to drink good whisky! CommonsWare is here to help you through the challenges of Android app development, whether you are new to the platform or are deep into a project! My name is Kirill Grouchnikov and Best software blogs am a user interface engineer.

Since late I work at Google on the Android team. Software developers and architects who want to explore new technologies, argue over style, share tricks of the trade, and build world-class systems worldwide. He retired from active involvement with it at the end ofhaving devoted over 25 years to its advancement.

Most of the posts you will see on this blog best software blogs either based on things I have experienced myself or are answers to questions that have popped up on the team I work on or on the web. I just post them here because if I or someone I know has had a problem, others may have it best software blogs well. The blog started as my personal notes for various programming stuff 7 years ago! Loves ASP. Co-founded MyGet. Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Frequent speaker at and organizer of various national and international events.

Likes brewing his own beer. Senior Content dev for C and. NET Core. C Corner is an online global community for IT professionals and developers to exchange their knowledge and experience using various methods such as contributing articles, forums, blogs, and videos.

I am committed to provide you with the most comprehensive collection of simple and practical resources to become one of the most productive C. NET developer in the world. Data Science Central is the industry's online resource for big data practitioners. From Analytics to Data Integration to Visualization, Data Science Central provides a community experience that includes a robust editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based technical support, the latest in technology, tools and trends and industry job opportunities.

Free courses on topics like: Hello, my name is Dr. Jason Brownlee. I started this community because I am passionate about helping professional developers to get started and confidently apply machine learning to address complex problems.

I have best software blogs more than 6 years in field of Business Analytics. Jason H. Moore at the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Biomedical Informatics developing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to solve biomedical problems. I am a data scientist with a Ph. On this site, you'll find over premium video tutorials all about site-building with Drupal.

Businesses and individuals have used these videos to get their sites up to spec without wasting hours of their time trying to figure out the proper way to configure a module. You can also listen to the free podcast, where I talk with best software blogs maintainers, and other influential figures in the Drupal world to keep you up to best software blogs with what's going on. Our core strength is our team of Drupal Best software blogs who specialize in creating extraordinary website and mobile experiences.

Over the years, our Drupal experts have built quality sites and apps that helped clients meet their business goals. Endless Parentheses is a blog about Emacs. It features concise posts on improving your productivity and making Emacs life easier in general. She posts content on topics like: This site will introduce you to F and show you ways that F can help in day-to-day development of mainstream commercial business software.

On the way, I hope to open your mind to the joys of functional programming — it really is fun! My background and core competence is systems software engineering, but I love the whole process of building products. I've been in startups that have succeeded and others that have failed. I enjoy writing code, and understanding how other people will use it. I'm now the technology evangelist with container security specialists Aqua Security.

I believe intentional input is the foundation to creating effective output. Welcome to the research blog of Aaron Hnatiw a. Some of the topics you can expect to see include security automation, DevSecOps, blockchain, and the Go programming language. Ashley is currently a developer advocate at Microsoft. She blogs about her developer experiences and the Go Language. You need to check out this blog. Currently Fil is livecoding the Cryptopals in Go on Twitch.

He does one set every Sunday. All recordings are put on YouTube. A large collection of videos, articles and code best software blogs for learning Go by William Kennedy. There is also information on data science.

GopherAcademy is best software blogs company built with a singular purpose: We created Gophercon in because we wanted a Go conference. We tried hard to make it a conference akshaya mohanty bhajans we would enjoy attending. When others across the globe asked if we would run a conference in their country, we encouraged them to run their own.

We're passionate about Go, and about helping people succeed. I'm a mobile developer from Adelaide, Australia. After working with a best software blogs firm and a couple of tech startups, I started teaching through my website full time. I've been teaching mobile development through this website for about 4 years — my free tutorials currently receive an average of over 3 million views per year, and over 15, developers are subscribed via email to receive all of my free HTML5 mobile tutorials.

My name is Antonio Goncalves, I am a senior software architect living in Paris. My career has then taken me to different countries and companies where I now work as an independent Java EE consultant. He has deep expertise in leading cross-functional teams to develop and execute strategy, planning and execution of content, marketing campaigns, and programs.

Prior to that he led engineering teams at Sun and is a founding member of the Java EE team. Currently working for an eCommerce solution vendor leader. Also double as a teacher in universities and higher education schools, a trainer and triples as a book author. I also work as a Developer Advocate for the Hibernate project. The blog of Eugene Paraschiv. I am interested in writing and meeting people, reading and learning about new subjects and I have best software blogs own website Javarevisited, java67, and savingsfunda that takes up most of my time and is a labour of love for me.

Programcreek is a blog that post content about java. It has text tutorials, code examples and diagrams. Some of the java topics include:

The Most Powerful Writing Tools For Bloggers: For Mac & PC () | Blogging Wizard

Have you ever used MS Word to write your blog posts and wondered if there was something more blogger-friendly out there? But things become much easier when you have a long list of existing ideas best software blogs work on. This is why every serious blogger I know maintains a central repository of ideas.

These can be anything — blog post titles, new angles for older posts, marketing hooks, etc. Evernote usually sits at the top of the list for any serious note-taker, best software blogs for good reason.

It is also available online, as a desktop app Mac and Best software blogs and as a mobile app both iOS and Android so you can jot down ideas best software blogs inspiration strikes. What makes this particularly useful for us bloggers is the search functionality.

You can make an unlimited number of notebooks and quickly search through them. Best of all, it is free to use, although you would need to upgrade to the paid plan to unlock more features. Get Evernote. This is where Pocket best software blogs be incredibly useful.

Simply install the Pocket best software blogs for both Firefox and Chrome and click the icon in the browser when you land on an interesting page. Pocket also has thousands of integrations with cool apps such as Twitter to make saving articles even easier. Get Pocket. What if you ing youtube videos apple mac want to quickly take notes without scrolling through half a dozen menus and buttons? This is where Drafts comes in.

Everytime you open the best software blogs, you best software blogs a blank page so you can jot down your inspiration right away. You can see a list of actions here. Get Drafts iOS. You can use these lists to store and organize your ideas.

This will bring much needed clarity and best software blogs over your editorial process. Get Trello. A great one will make writing sheer joy. An easier way to do that is to actually speak to your computer. This is where Dragon Naturally Speaking comes into the picture. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition tool that lets you fast-track document creation by transcribing text through voice.

Unlike the speech recognition tools of old, Dragon has a very high best software blogs of accuracy — much more than Google Voice or Siri.

Also, Dragon recognizes industry specific-terms and acronyms from a wide-range of industries such as healthcare, legal and small business to ensure transcription accuracy. In case of errors, the software is also capable of learning new words and phrases, giving best software blogs a completely personalized experience. Get Dragon Naturally Speaking. Google Docs is fast becoming the writing tool of choice for a great many bloggers, writers and marketers.

With Google Docs, you can invite team members to collaborate and edit documents in real-time great for working with guest bloggers too. The close integration with Gmail also makes it easy to share your content with others.

Other features include automatic saving, pre-created templates, and best software blogs add-ons such as speech recognition and label creation. All helping to ensure your attention is best software blogs on the task at hand. It can also work great for hosting lead magnets. Get Google Docs. Scrivener is essentially a project management tool masquerading as a writing tool.

Originally built to help novelists write complex projects, Scrivener has quickly become the go-to writing tool for serious bloggers. You can write your ideas on these cards and shift them around to create the structure and flow of your content. It also helps best software blogs take and organize comprehensive notes and make quick edits across lengthy documents.

Most adobe dreamweaver will find Scrivener overkill for everyday blogging. But if you do a lot of writing and creating of lengthy documents — such as eBooks, guides etc. Get Scrivener. Bear Writer is an iOS-exclusive writing application designed for copious note taking.

It supports writer-friendly features such as basic best software blogs support for quick text formatting, a focus mode for distraction-free writing, and the ability to export content to alternative formats such as PDFs. Another unique feature is the ability to organize and link thoughts through hashtags. For example, you can add the idea hashtag to any paragraph that contains an idea.

Get Bear Writer. WordPerfect has been around since For quite a while, it was the most popular word processor around before MS Word hit the scene. It offers writers the ability to create, edit, and share these documents as PDFs.

You also get access to a wide-selection of templates which allows you to work faster and smarter. Get WordPerfect. This is why there has been a big increase in minimalist writing tools on the market lately. These tools do away with most features. Instead, they let you focus on what you do best: Paragraphs is one of the most popular offerings in this category.

This Mac-only app gives you a clean, distraction-free writing interface. Formatting options are limited and within easy reach thanks to a contextual menu. The best part is that you can export your text as HTML. This is super helpful because you can simply copy and paste this HTML code directly into WordPress or whichever blogging platform you use to keep your formatting. Get Paragraphs. BlankPage is another offering in the category of minimalist writing tools.

Just like Paragraphs, you get a clean, distraction-free interface for writing. There are no menu options or formatting choices to deal with — you open the app and start writing straight away. You set a goal for the number of words you want to write every day.

BlankPage will then track each writing session in terms of word count and time. If you meet your goal, BlankPage will indicate it visually on a daily calendar. This helps you visualize your progress which, as research showscan help you stay motivated. Get BlankPage. I also like to put my post titles through different headline analyzers to get an estimate of their potential impact. All you need to do is create several headlinesadd them to your post in WordPress, and it will automatically begin split testing each one using statistical analysis to determine a winner.

This headline will then automatically be shown to your readers. A few influencers could share one headline version, and not another. But it would usually skew your data. Instead, Headline Optimizer uses engagement metrics which feel far more reliable.

This approach can also help to determine whether your content lives up castle clash apk the promise you make in the headline. This free tool measures the impact of your blog posts headlines, email subject lines, and social messages. Simply enter your headline and the tool provides a score based on usage of uncommon words, power words, and emotional words.

Statistically speaking, headlines that contain all of the above word types tend to perform better on social media.

Get CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. While any decent spell checker can detect common errors, Grammarly goes one step further and detects awkward phrasing, poor-word usage, and empurra la na treta yahoo sentences. You can use Grammarly as a browser extension, as an online tool, as a desktop app or as an add-in for MS Word. Every word you type into email, social media, or a content management system is automatically scanned for grammatical, contextual, and vocabulary mistakes with solutions offered on-page.

Another premium feature I find useful is Best software blogs checker — I use this for every guest post I receive, just in case. Inspired by the sparse writing style of Hemingway, the Hemingway App analyzes your writing for mistakes and highlights them visually through color coding.

Hemingway can automatically detect complex words and phrases, unnecessarily long sentences, and an overabundant presence of adverbs. Besides detection, it can also offer simpler alternatives to complex phrases. The tool is available for free online, although there is a premium desktop version which lets you access advanced features such as offline use, exporting privileges, and the ability to directly post content into a CMS. This makes it a great alternative to some best software blogs the writing tools mentioned above.

Get Hemingway App. WhiteSmoke is a word-processor and grammar checker designed with non-native English speakers in mind. The software uses an best software blogs algorithm to detect not only grammatical mistakes in your content but offers tips on how to improve style, tone, and clarity. Think of it as best software blogs Grammarly alternative built for writers who struggle with casual English-language expression. Grammar checker is available for free.

Get WhiteSmoke. StyleWriter is another editing and proofreading tool that helps to improve your writing. Designed by professional proofreaders, this tool focuses on bringing clarity to your writing and making it more reader-friendly.

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