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A song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf

a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf

HODOR'S GUIDE TO HODORING . A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide describes it an indispensable guide for fans of both the novels and the game. A Song Of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A RPG Sourcebook [David Chart, Joshua J. Frost, Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide: A Game of Thrones Edition PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (11 ratings). With the fall of. We're very pleased to present you with a PDF preview of the Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Campaign Guide. Yes, it really exists!. CamPaIgn guIde. A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide is your indispensable resource for playing and running games set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros . A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. Publisher blurb: With the fall of House Targaryen, an uneasy peace has settled.

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FroSt, BrIaN e. Schwalb Robert Schwalb would like to thank Bill, Steve, Nicole, Hal, Chris, Evan, and Marc, for giving him a place in one of the best damned game companies in the industry.

Thanks also to the folks at www. And finally, thanks to George R. Martin for creating A Song of Ice and Fire in the first place. Thanks, George. All rights reserved. Reference to other copyrighted material in no way constitutes a challenge to the respective copyright holders of that material. Printed in Canada. Green Ronin Publishing S. Othello St.

SuiteSeattle, WA custserv greenronin. Maester Cressen Other Characters To human craig david north yawns wide the Lands of Always Winter, a realm plagued with old evils, secrets, and a dark threat that hungers to renew the violence of the Longest Night.

Meanwhile, across the narrow sea, rumors of the exiled Targaryen king, Viserys, trickle into the ports, where dissatisfied smallfolk recall the glory days of the great Targaryen kings and look to the scandalous reign of King Robert with something bordering on regret. Who can say what will tumble out of the North on the heels of the mustering wildlings who flock to join the King-beyond-the-Wall?

And who can say for certain when and if the crimes committed against Princess Elia and her children will bear the fruits of war with Dorne?

This is the time of A Song of Ice and Fire, the moment before the game a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf thrones produces a resounding clash of kings, before the storm of swords breaks logotipo i faith leave a feast for crows, and before the dragons dance once again.

It is also the time for telling your own tales, using A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, where you create the noble houses, ambitious heirs, and prime movers in stories about the Seven Kingdoms and the lands beyond.

This volume presents a detailed a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf at the various regions, the houses, and the notable figures that represent the most powerful individuals just before the War of the Five Kings erupts and brings these realms to the brink of destruction. The primary focus of this sourcebook is to help Narrators construct stories and chronicles in these lands, providing the details needed to breathe life into George R.

Of course, this book is also valuable to players. Armed with this sourcebook, the players can make informed decisions about where they might place their noble house, which houses they might forge alliances with, and which houses they might oppose as they make their own climb to greatness. While this sourcebook provides extensive details about the Seven Kingdoms, not every detail is filled in, not every secret revealed.

Specifically, the game focuses on the last year before the start of A Game of Thrones. As a result, no details about the plots and fates of the various characters are revealed, and each house and individual is presented as they are at the opening of the novels.

The rest is left for you, the Narrator, to define as needed for your own stories. In some cases, scant information is provided, giving you more room to define these figures, while others have greater information, owing to their greater presence in the stories to come.

The Narrator. In addition, each chapter that covers a region includes a complete list of all the known houses sworn to the lords of the realm. The amount of information associated with each banner varies based on how they are presented in the novels. Some houses, specifically the great and major houses, have extensive information, whereas the minor and landed houses may and do have little.

The less we know about a house, the more room you, the Narrator, have a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf develop these obscure families for your own games. In addition, players can also select these houses as their own, adding their own details to this rich setting. For houses with little to no information, the text defaults them to minor houses, positioned somewhere between major and landed.

Future novels may contradict these entries, but this designation should serve for creating chronicles and stories in this world. FINaL thouGhtS Exploring any game setting based on media—novels, films, comics, and video games—can be daunting, especially if you try to cleave to every dana nalbaru am nimic fara tine mp3 found in the source material.

The closer you stay to the original works, the more constricting it can be on your games. Chapter Fourteen: Exploring Westeros provides extensive tips and guidance for handling these problems, but a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf bears mentioning here.

By picking up this book, you make the world of Westeros your own. You are only as confined to the novels and short stories as you want to be. You can run an authentic game that follows the steps of the characters in the novels, or you can diverge from those events to tell your own stories. Whatever you decide, the game, the world, and the experience are yours to do with as you like.

Have fun, and please, kill a Lannister. The history of Westeros is written in blood and steel, a tale combining love, duty, sacrifice, and treachery in equal measure.

Your players will be witness to—or better still, the makers of—great events to shape the future of the Seven Kingdoms, and may, if they are ruthless, courageous, and cunning enough, become part of future legends.

Spanning over a dozen millennia, the history of Westeros is at times confused, uncertain, or entirely unknown, but the following entries detail knowledge commonly held by maesters, septons, and other chroniclers of history.

All dates are in relation to the Landing of Aegon the Conqueror. A broad range to be sure, but the trouble stems from incomplete records from this time, conflicting stories involving various characters of myth, and the often magical nature of those stories stemming from that era. In fact, many tales suggest kings and heroes lived for centuries, and other tales attribute astonishing deeds to figures before they were born.

Regardless of the inconsistencies as to exactly when this era occurred on Westeros, it was a period of great magic, bold heroes, and fantastic exploits.

For all the myth and splendor of this era, however, it was also one marked by bloodshed and war. Legend holds that the children of a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf forest were a diminutive people, a society that dwelt in caves, crannogs, and hidden tree villages.

A song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf were dark and beautiful, no taller than children, even. The Dawn Age As with many things regarding the history of Westeros, controversy exists regarding the true age of the land. Maesters claim the world is. Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north.

Fear is for the long night, when the sun hides its face for years at a time, and little children are born and live and die all in darkness while the direwolves grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers move through the woods. They worshiped the gods of the natural world, sutton servattu mp3 s spirits of the streams, and trees, and rocks, and wind. Unlike the men who would follow, the children did not use metal or weave cloth; instead, they crafted their implements from stone and clothing from leaves and bark.

They were a people with a deep and powerful connection to the land. The oldest tales gift the children with many supernatural powers, including the ability to fly like birds and swim like fish. They could cast their minds into beasts, wearing animals like second skins, and visions and portents of things to come haunted their dreams. Such was their influence on the land that many of their works remain in the present day, though more so in the North than in the plundered south.

White weirwoods bear faces carved in their bark, faces, it is said, that allow the old gods to peer into the world of men and watch over their followers. More than just their works, however, the methods and beliefs of the children still inform many of the customs upheld in the North and those scattered throughout the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.

In particular, the crannogmen of the Neck are close in stature and in beliefs to the children of old, auto clicker rs er the Sacred Order of the Green Men still upholds the ancient pacts forged when the First Men and children of the forest set aside their grudges to embrace a lasting peace.

While the children of the forest are believed to be no more, some swear these lost folk live on, far from the lands of men, lurking in the quiet places, the unspoiled wilderness beyond the Wall or in the depths of the trackless wolfswood in the North. Although the destruction was widespread, it was too late, for the First Men had come to stay. When the earth was sodden with the blood of the slain and the dead surely outnumbered the living, the chieftains and heroes of the First Men joined the greenseers and wood dancers of the children on a wooded island in the center of the Gods Eye, a great lake in the center of Westeros.

There, it was decided the First Men would receive the coastal lands, the meadows, the bogs, and the mountains, while the children would be free to live in their forests unmolested for all time. The First Men pledged to never a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf cut down the weirwoods and to leave the children of the forest in peace.

To ensure the gods would look upon the truce, the children carved faces in every weirwood tree. The Age of Heroes For nearly four thousand years, the Pact endured, and in that time, the children of the forest and the First Men grew closer. In time, the First Men set aside many of their cultural beliefs to embrace the ways and customs of the children of the forest.

With the exception of the Drowned God of the Iron Isles, the gods a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf the children came to be those of the First Men, and a deep reverence for nature blossomed in the peace that followed. The children continued to live as they always had lived while in the realms of the First Men, great cities sprang up, and mighty kingdoms rose and fell. But if they did, it seems it did them little a song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf in stemming the flood, for when the First Men came, they brought with them violence, war, and death.

The First Men entered the lands of Westeros some twelve thousand years ago by the Arm of Dorne, a land bridge that would be shattered in the coming struggle. Mounted on horseback and bearing weapons of bronze and shields of boiled leather, they swept through the lands, felling trees and clearing the land for their farms and villages, as well as raising temples to their queer gods and violent ways.

At first, the children of the forest hid themselves in the deep woods, afraid of the horses, nearly as much as the First Men were afraid of the faces in the trees. The First Men were a warrior culture, a people unaccustomed to the ancient power of this land, and so, as they raised their holdfasts and cleared the forests for farmlands, they cut down the faces in the forest and despoiled the perfect wilderness.

It was enough to rouse the children from their fear and impel them to war. While many stories, songs, and legends circulate about this era, maesters point to this era as the beginning of the Seven Kingdoms. Garth Greenhand founded House Gardener of the Reach, and from him sprung numerous other lines and families. While much was achieved during this ancient era, it was at a cost.

The sun set and did not rise again for a generation, and the ice spread down from the north, carrying with it monstrous beings from the far-flung north to prey on the First Men and the children of the forest alike. Amongst these horrors were mammoths, giants, direwolves, and more, but nothing compared to the demonic Others, a mysterious people who sought to purge Westeros of the human infestation, and so the Others were merciless in their slaughter.

A song of ice and fire campaign guide pdf the First Men and the children of the forest, the people of Westeros threw back the Others, pushing them back into the frozen reaches of the Far North. According to legend, he took for his bride a strange woman, pale and believed to be undead. After the unholy union, he declared himself king and she his queen, and he ruled the Night Fort as his own castle.

During the dark years of his reign, horrific atrocities were committed, of which tales are still told in the North. Whether by divine missive, fleeing some other threat, or perhaps out of a hunger for conquest, the Andals came and conquered. Bearing the seven-pointed star of their new gods, they drove out the First Men, destroyed the weirwoods, and slaughtered the children of the forest wherever they were found. One by one, the seven kingdoms fell until only the Kingdom of the North remained, due to the strength of Moat Cailin and the doughtiness of its warriors.

Even though the North remained secure, the victories in the south spelled the end of the Pact. Those children of the forest who remained there were viciously stamped out, driven out, or quit Westeros altogether.

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