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Photosi mycomposer lagu

He's one of my composer lagu " Erti Kehadiranmu" Ani took This photo taken in during rakaman " Dari Studio Satu program" Sama jua. Thanks to my Composer, my teacher, my brother @denischairis, moga lagu ini diminati peminat peminat di Malaysia dan di Indonesia. Bismillah kepada. lildrummer - Explore photo and video images on Instagram, latest posts and popular posts about #lildrummer. How long do I hold my composer? # lildrummer.

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My day: Last jam before going to bed. Photosi mycomposer lagu drums to a track. After dinner. Mommy is very surprised by how I can sing along to this song. Aston thinks I can sing but I can't but we have to sing Blessed everyday. He made a drumset on my floor because I didn't want to go upstairs with his drumset.

Lol KingAston lildrummer tuckerboy. Aston is so thankful for all your donations on helping him become Mr. If you thought you missed out you didn't!!! We are still taking donations until February 18th!! You're all awesome!!! You can donate by cashapp: Beginilah kalo main drum ada adek2nya Had to get out and play with some fish before the girls fishing trip leaves for the keys in the AM! Yours truly on bass.

Sunday morning Fly Away drum session. Trying some new tricks but, I am just a toddler. HE Photosi mycomposer lagu 4 like only He teaches himself stuff and picks up from videos and watching his favs! We stay clowning! Can't stop won't stop.

My current jam. I love it! My 2 year old nephew feelin that groove! Judah Lildrummer. Zachariah you are the other piece of my world!! You are the most precious, sweet, charasmatic little guy that a mommy could ask for. Happy 9 photosi mycomposer lagu sweetie pie!! How is this smiley boy turning photosi mycomposer lagu in a couple months?

Jude Vedder is a true rockstar. He is currently standing and cruising a bit which tells me he will he walking any day now. Lil man growing and learning so very fast,nothing can compare to watching him learn new things everyday parentlife dad minime learningnewthings lildrummer drummerlife. Latest lildrummer Posts My day: Lol KingAston lildrummer tuckerboy 24 5 12 February, Judah Lildrummer 64 1 23 January, Lil man growing and learning so very fast,nothing can compare to watching him learn new things everyday securicam network software dad minime learningnewthings lildrummer drummerlife 61 4 7 January, Next Page.

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