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Post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk

post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk

Android SDK iOS SDK Graph API Explorer. GET /v/post-id HTTP/ Host: As of April 4th, , apps can no longer read Posts owned by non-app User . URL to a full-sized version of the Photo published in the Post or scraped from a. With the Pages API, people using your app can post to Facebook as a Page. For example, if You can also add photos and videos to Users, Albums, Events, and Groups. "error":{ "message":"(#) There was an error posting to this wall". It's clearer what you wish to do - post a photo to FB, and guarantee that a post goes on the user's wall/stream. Unfortunately, there are some things in the way.

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Mobile Archives Site News. Enter Techmeme snapshot date and time: Mediagazer memeorandum WeSmirch. Top News J. The Amazon Blog: Update on plans for New York City headquarters. Amazon cancels HQ2 in New York after backlash. Big win or big loss? Amazon's opponents have mixed reactions to the company suddenly changing its NYC plans.

Amazon pulls plug on New York City headquarters. Amazon isn't coming to New York City — and it's a kick in the face for post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk people who bet big on property in Queens. Amazon learns a little about itself and America, leaves New York.

Alexis C. Amazon's Retreat and the New Politics of Tech. Amazon has canceled its NYC headquarters plans in a stunning defeat. Amazon has money, power and influence. But it flamed out in NYC. Here's why that matters. Here's why many New Yorkers opposed the project. Amazon says it will not build a headquarters in New York. Amazon will abandon plans to build HQ2 in New York.

Amazon only has itself to blame for its failed New York campus. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Amazon cancels plans for HQ2 in New York. Does Dallas-Fort Worth have another shot? New York politicians slam Amazon as it drops HQ2 plan. Wall Street Journal: Tangentialism is Post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk Yee: The Jobs That Starve Cities.

Come on, Amazon! Post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk Daily Beast: Amazon could have helped a post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk that needed it. Instead, it screwed everybody. New York Daily News: Amazon cancels plans to open headquarters in New York, citing opposition from local politicians. Fox News: Amazon pulls out of plan to build New York City headquarters. Amazon backs out of plans for New York City campus.

Amazon pulls out of NYC. Amazon drops New York HQ2 plans after organized resistance. Ocasio-Cortez celebrates Amazon canceling New York offices: Amazon cancels plans for NYC headquarters. Anything is possible: Amazon drops New York City as one of its new headquarter locations, will not search for another. Poll of New Yorkers this week on the Amazon deal: Wow it's almost like it was never a real headquarters to begin with and just a creative way of getting billions of dollars in tax incentives http: Reminder that Google is buying approximately all the real estate in Manhattan south of 23rd street and it's nbd http: Jason O.

I have never related more to Jeff Bezos now that he has flaked out on a promise to go to Queens. NEWS that wasn't clear in the release: Amazon will take 25K jobs that would have gone to Queens and qari saeed chishti qawwal them out over its other tech hubs across U.

Amazon dae jang geum sub indo suk cancelled its plans to build in NYC! Idiot local politicians had demanded Amazon unionize. Their objection to tax breaks for Amazon have more merit. On several issues, Amazon lobbies government for its own benefit: Deals have to be fair.

This is what happens when they're not: The city of hustlers got hustled when the world's richest man got the world's greatest city to pay him to do what millions do for free: Hustle's over. You have to be tough to make it in New York City. We gave Amazon the opportunity to be a good neighbor and do business in the greatest city in the world. Instead of working with the community, Amazon threw away that opportunity. Amazon to New York on Valentine's Day: Let's just be friends https: And Jeff Bezos continues his Michael Corleone baptism scene We just put the goddamn dick pic extortion letter to bed, and now this?

Amazon, always dropping news on a Thursday. Organizing gets the goods. Congratulations to all who made this happen. Really surprised to see this.

But as both a staunch advocate of our tech community and a person who cares deeply about what we invest in as a city, I wish this entire process had been more transparent and engaged affected communities right from the start. Immunities kick in and NYC finds its testicles. This is good for NYC, and America. Billionaires should not have their hand s out. De Blasio jumped ship at the last moment and aligned himself with Amazon's critics, blaming the company for being unreasonable in its dealings with NYC.

But Cuomo blames the Senate Dems for scaring Amazon away. Way to go, New York. Dumbest and most self-defeating whining ever. I think this is overblown by both sides. NYC and Amazon's relationship will continue to grow. This take is probably right http: I like that Amazon is bowing post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk the grammatical reality that you can't have two headquarters. It's a fascinating window on the internal debates about economic policy confronting the Democratic Party.

This is about corporate citizenship, about labor, and about mayors and governors consulting with voters instead of unilaterally deciding what kind of business we're obligated to subsidize. This is a victory for democracy, period. This rules. So many cities offered Amazon the farm and the farmer's daughter just to get a sniff at HQ2, and they all got turned down. I know there's the Nashville thing but come on. It makes very little sense that a company felt in December that it needed 25, new positions in a single location and, two months later, it doesn't.

When tax breaks were mentioned, support did fall. But even with it mentioned, support was very strong in Queens. Sorry, what is HQ2? That funny quiz app? The key part of the statement is this. Expect blowback against Amazon, for what many will interpret as a hugely profitably company basically saying to the entire country, if you question our secretly negotiated taxpayer financed deals, we won't invest in your communities.

Not a great day for the insider real estate prospectors! Can't wait for Amazon to continue to quietly rent office space in NYC like literally every other large company. Amazon take: Bezos wants juristiction he can push around.

Using the single photo endpoint you can publish a either a single- or multi- photo post. Please visit the Page Photos reference doc for information on uploading page photos and publishing scheduled and unscheduled, single and multi-photo posts.

This is useful for developers building apps to post photos and apps that enable people to manage their photos and albums. Facebook strips all location metadata before publishing and resizes images to different dimensions to best support rendering in multiple sizes. Please see the Breaking Changes Changelog for more details. To provide a way for your app users to share content to Facebook, we encourage you to use our Sharing products instead.

You can only post photos to a page as a page. A similar request for the same photo appears as follows:. On successful upload, Graph API provides a response including the id for the upload photo:. Using this photo id you can get other information about the asset using our photo read api.

After you upload an unpublished photo, Facebook stores it in a post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk upload state, which means it will remain on Facebook servers for about 24 hours. If you do not publish these photos within 24 hours, we delete them. Here is an example of a request:. If you receive any errors, it's typically because of a permission failure or a bad parameter.

Docs Tools Support. Graph API. Uploading Photos and publishing Photo stories in Graph API Using the single photo endpoint you can publish a either a single- or multi- photo post.

Supported Formats Facebook supports the following formats: PNG files larger than 1 MB may appear pixelated after upload. To specify a photo you can use two methods: Provide the URL for the photo with the url parameter.

Publishing a multi-photo story To publish a multi-photo story for a user, you will make requests to two endpoints: The hits reo speedwagon similar request for the same photo appears as follows: On successful upload, Graph API provides a response including the id for the upload photo: Here is an example of a request: On success, Graph API returns the id for the post where the photos are published: Products Artificial Intelligence.

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post photo on users wall using facebook ios sdk

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