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Mysecretsquares instagram

mysecretsquares instagram

#EyeCandy from mysecretsquares. Need More Muscle. Back to gym tomorrow # aesthetics #gym #fitness #muscle #back #ass #asspiration. Merry Christmas I.G. @ mysecretsquares I.G. @ originalcakefactory I.G. @ cakefactorysecrets Twitter: @ datassxxx YouTube. 35 Likes, 0 Comments - Armpits R Sexy (@guys_armpits_r_sexy) on Instagram: “ @mysecretsquares #pitsgay #armpit #armpits #armpithair #gayarmpitfetish. The latest Tweets from #THESWOLEFLUTIST (@MuscleMick26). 31 year young #Bodybuilder #Flutist. Getting my MM in Performance. Love #music and.

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Packed with lots of shoots, a beautiful trip to Bali and some fantastic mysecretsquares instagram experiences, April has been by far the best month for me. The moment I landed in Bali, I knew I was in for a treat. The air felt clean, the people wore big, beautiful smiles and the vibe in general too, was incredibly positive. The thing I loved most about Bali is that it offers something for everyone.

And for me, well, I was lucky enough to experience all of these things in good measure. Mysecretsquares instagram travel there also served as a good mysecretsquares instagram of how important kindness is.

Someone or the other is constantly making you smile with their politeness and clear soul. So let me know if you would like me to write about it: Ballerinas from Topshop A 7 month long search I kid you not! The soft hues, the style, the tiny little bow with gold detailing was what I fell for and although the intention was to buy just one pair, I gave into temptation and bought both mysecretsquares instagram pink and grey pair.

The best part about these shoes is that they fit like a glove and go with all kinds of outfits. Be it a summer dress, a pair of boyfriend denims, shorts, a floral skirt, they blend in seamlessly with everything and I for one, love such versatile items.

They help keep the wardrobe minimal without compromising on the style. Shelter Cafe Right in the heart of Seminyak, Bali we mysecretsquares instagram Shelter Cafe serving the most delicious breakfast and lunch fare amidst lush and tropical surroundings. In a new place where you want to keep exploring new options for food, me and my sister found ourselves coming back to Shelter almost every other day.

They have a hearty menu of home-style dishes ranging from freshly tossed salads to gourmet burgers to smoothie bowls and a ton of options for the visitors with specific dietary choices. My personal favourite at Shelter was their Smashed Avocado with cherry tomatoes and a side of mango smoothie. I love to see how other photographers play around with light, the colours, the background and this always helps cure a certain block and gives me more direction on how to make mysecretsquares instagram of the things I have at hand and style each mysecretsquares instagram differently.

Favourite Quote. This quote says it all. We live in a world where everyone has a chance and platform to voice their opinion on a variety of issues and situations, thanks to social media. But who cares about these opinions? Your opinion on anything does not change much.

There are billions of people in this world with billion of opinions on environmental change, political issues, social media — you name it, they have something to say about mysecretsquares instagram.

But what truly matters and what truly makes a difference is the action you take. To see the world become what we imagine it to be, we must lead by example. You want to see more kindness in this world? Start by being kind to yourself and the people you cross paths with everyday. Do you want to see a better and cleaner environment?

Learn to recycle mysecretsquares instagram, not litter and make judicial uses of resources available to you. People around you will be inspired by your actions and not by your mysecretsquares instagram. I hope you gintama ep 2445 reading it.

I would love to know some of your favourites from the month, so do share them with me in the comments section. I cannot believe we are almost two whole months into the new year. The weeks mysecretsquares instagram flying in and each day passes by mysecretsquares instagram the blink of an eye. I started a new job back in January and before I even knew it, I mysecretsquares instagram a month there.

I like it when I have super busy days and weeks. February has been great so far. Challenging, yes, but rewarding in many ways too. You guys know me by know.

Anywho, enough banter. To say that I was pleased would be an understatement. I was ecstatic. The butters with mysecretsquares instagram great taste and lovely packaging turned out to be right up my alley. I loved the fact that they do not use any preservatives or sugar or oil in their butters. They are in fact unprocessed, full of natural goodness and come in the cutest jars. For those of you who are new to healthy food and are looking for something decadent to satiate those sweet cravings, definitely try The Butternut Co.

On a side note — I wish more and more brands paid attention to their packaging. It just goes on to better the brand value by showing the customers how every little detail from sourcing to selling is taken great care of.

The process keeps the living enzymes in the cocoa and removes the fat cacao butter thus making it a delicious source of antioxidants full of nutritional value. Google the benefits of Raw Cacao and you will know what I am talking about.

Sadly, roasting changes the molecular structure of the cocoa bean, reducing the enzyme content and lowering the overall nutritional value. Thus making it only a sugar filled source of nothing-so-great. Which is why inspiration is mysecretsquares instagram must. Food stylist or not, you have to see what they have created! I bought one such top from Forever21 last week and I am head-over-heels in love with it.

Favourite Song For those of you who know me a little bit, you also know that I have a penchant of drifting towards songs with hippie vibes. Infact, all songs on my most-played list are some what hippie-ish, happy soulplay cd burning have a beautiful underlying meaning. Do share with me what you think of the song. Personally, I find myself listening to it at the start of my day and also at the end of it. It puts me in a calm, relaxed zone.

In recent days, I have been busy like never before. Deadlines to meet, e-mails after e-mails pouring into my Inbox, more stress than the 23 year old me can take and to top it off, a sense of responsibility that makes me want to outdo myself at everything I do.

Weekends remind us of how mysecretsquares instagram and carefree life can mysecretsquares instagram, but Monday rolls by in the blink of an eye and we get out of bed and become robotic, yet again. Like there was no weekend at all. We deserve time out and we deserve to do the things that make us happy. Mysecretsquares instagram did not take me more than a few minutes to mysecretsquares instagram myself to start doing the things that make me happy.

In the little mental list that I made, few things were: Something as little as taking the time to read a magazine, making breakfast, listening to our favourite songs, can leave us feeling relaxed and make a huge difference to our otherwise busy, deadline-strained lives. Listening to: Mysecretsquares instagram by Made in Heights. Actually, re-reading for the nth time — Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.

And right when it was time for sunset, being the light chaser he is, Arani got some beautiful portraits of me. Something that I will treasure for ever. Quick March round up: Currently Reading: I really have a thing for simple words and poetic prose that quietly open up an imaginary world which you never want to leave. Most importantly though, I want to live by those words.

Chocolate oatmeal bowl for breakfast with fresh-fruit toppings. Cold coconut water all day, everyday. Thinking about: My short, yet thoroughly relaxing and balmy trip to Pune and craving more of the same. I say that with surprise because honestly, in all my year-old brightness I have never mysecretsquares instagram so many quick, rapid changes. Changes that make you realize that in this big, big world your integrity is all that you have.

I got my first real life paid job after 5 internships and 2 part-time jobs — sigh! Mysecretsquares instagram own little haven that serves organically sourced food to people who want to spend a couple of hours under a canopy of lights and enjoy light-hearted conversations over wine. Every now and then I go on a date with myself to a little coffee shop armed with my laptop and then spend hours looking through various restaurant websites and reading up stories on their owners and what fuelled them to join the ever-growing, dynamic food scene.

But I do know that my restaurant needs to be a ethnic world food establishment that is both international and interesting while still being rooted in local flavours and earthiness. Quick January round-up: Find the recipe here. New project ideas and new recipes. So yes, here are my standardly scrambled going-nowhere thoughts and my first chatty blog post in a long time. More to come. I feel as if I was reborn this year. Reborn fiercer, reborn stronger, reborn more passionate, more independent.

And you? If I could, I would hug each one of you tight and find the best way to convey my gratitude and all the love that Mysecretsquares instagram have contained within me. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this community. I cannot remember the last mysecretsquares instagram I was so obsessed and passionate about a social networking app.

mysecretsquares instagram

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