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Celer bandcamp er

celer bandcamp er

You can hear an excerpt from the album here: records/erceler-climbing Note: Please always keep a backup of your. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Rudolf · a_10 . Wolf Maps · Xenis Emputae Traveling Band · Xqui Celer · a_ Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Rudolf · a_10 . Wolf Maps · Xenis Emputae Traveling Band · Xqui Celer · a_ to more contemporary figures from the Japanese ambient scene like Celer and aus minsk und bietet kontemplative sounds an, die er unter römischen ziffern. You can hear an excerpt from the album here: records/erceler-climbing Note: Please always keep a backup of your. celer bandcamp er

I Wish You Could | Constellation Tatsu

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Country of origin for Open Graph data is detected on the main page of Celer bandcamp er Bandcamp. This is the best way to make the web page social media friendly. Here is how it looks like on Facebook:. Music Celer. Tokyo, Japan. Celer is Will Long, an American artist living in Japan.

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Or browse results titled:. Celer Tokyo, Japan. Streaming and Download help. If you like Celer, you may also like:. Here are some deliciously calming organic drones and tones. The uplifting music is buoyant — you are the vessel, the sound waves.

Chris Koelle. Essay by Warmth. Home by Warmth. This is a Masterpiece of ambient music. I recommend it. ICU by Ondrej Zajac. Loud, visceral, intense and painfully immediate; tells a story celer bandcamp er pain, near death, and recuperation. New celer bandcamp er label full of experimental compositions. Atarashii hi EP by Gurun Gurun. Explore music. Digital Physical. Climbing Formation by Celer. Christian Arnsperger.

Chris Fox. Phoebe Schlough. Rik Johnson. Joshua Barber. Patrick Blackburn. Cydia 6.1.3 Mango. Andres Rodriguez. Seth Varney. Devils Isle. Purchasable with gift card. Dear Jerry, I'm somewhere around 20, feet, and I think I'm freezing to death. Please send blankets. We're on the way to oversee a polar station in the middle of nowhere. It's 9 hours there, and 9 hours back.

On this giant plane, there's only 6 of us. There's somebody in schalkse reuters en nose compartment with me, for Arctic topography.

He's constantly airsick from staring at the moving ground. As the medical officer, my job is mostly passing out airsick bags, and wearing 3 flight suits so I won't freeze celer bandcamp er death. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner next week at home, and I'll be happy to see you.

Mother is running in tight circles at home getting ready for the occasion, and Daddy is fasting so he can make the most of the brief period of gluttony. I heard about the menu already, but I'll let that be a surprise for you.

It will celer bandcamp er great to have a home-cooked meal again. I think we had frozen chicken for dinner last night. It's mid-day now, and all I can see ahead of us is endless flat ice.

Thankfully the water system in the BOQ at Ladd is now fixed. For the last few weeks, we've all had to shower next door, and then run at high speed back to celer bandcamp er building through the sub-zero temperatures.

I'm seriously jealous of you in Guam. Sitting on the beach, playing gold, swimming in the ocean. Want to trade? Alaska is beautiful, if you want a change. See you next week, Bill William A. Long, Jr. The airport was filled with tourists celer bandcamp er their way home, with boxes of mangoes and pineapples. It was mango day yesterday. Soon after we got to cruising celer bandcamp er, the islands disappeared into endless ocean, and everyone seemed to fall asleep.

The stewardess offering ice cream passed by unnoticed, and the passengers sank into their straw hats. The lights stay low, but I keep watching out the window, continually sucked into the sunset, and the distant mountains of clouds hanging over the ocean.

Even Rie falls asleep, and the outside seems to gently disappear for all the sleeping passengers. The holiday is over, and we're returning home. When we reach Tokyo, it's already dark, and the farm fields of Narita are dark blue and foggy in the evening mist, the small yellow lights of the houses sitting still under the half-hidden new moon edging over the horizon.

Tomorrow I'll develop our film, and we'll start taking pictures again. There are always those leftover shots after a trip, of the just-after-returning from a trip photos. They're of your home, or people and places you see everyday. But maybe in the end, these are the most genuine from the entire roll.

Will Long, Tokyo, Climbing Formation is packaged in a matte-coated, full color digipak, pressed on a glass-mastered CD in an edition of copies. You can hear an excerpt from the album here: Please always keep a backup of your download in an archive. Tags ambient celer clouds dreamy drone electronic entropy records experimental lo-fi minimal tape Tokyo.

Celer is Will Celer bandcamp er, an American artist living in Japan. If you like Celer, you may also like: Chris Koelle go to album. Sebastien go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.

Casacinema cartoni pinocchio: Celer bandcamp er

Celer bandcamp er Sudden Moment Recordings. Richard Youngs. Araki Kenta. Art as Intent. Cassette Art Classics. On Bandcamp Radio.
Celer bandcamp er European outdoor film tour 2011
YO TE BUSCO AVIVAMIENTO INSTRUMENTAL S Backyard Burial. Imaginary Softwoods. Compulsion Rites. Morgan Evans-Weiler. This album negotiates with silence and empty space in fascinating and, of course, slowly evolving ways. Insect Factory.

I Wish You Could | Celer

Or browse results titled:. Celer Tokyo, Japan. Streaming and Download help. If you like Celer, you may also like:. Virtually impossible to pick a favourite. The album I come back to again and again. Billy Faithfull. Celer bandcamp er glaze of frost envelops you as you open your eyes to a frozen blue sky reflecting in millions of icy mirrors around you.

Curled up in a cotton nest, protected from this transition of seasons by a coat of fragility and love, the cold can't seem to reach you. An aural cesura skimming the borders of certainty. The song Her Name in a Language of Stars carries a surreal ambience that slows the world down.

Every action within the environment seems to slow down, causing me to appreciate how simple, yet complex the world really is. Amazing album, allowing me to tune out the world. Ophold by Rasmus Juncker. Puerto Rico Relief by Various Artists. The proceeds from this track atmospheric electronic compilation benefit Friends of Puerto Rico. Reforestation EP by Mute Forest. Organs in the Wind by Jax Deluca. Ethereal ambient compositions made for headphones combines the textural qualities of drone with foggy atmospherics.

Explore music. Digital Physical. I Celer bandcamp er You Could by Celer. Scott I like the stories as much as the music. Matthew Clements. Michael Pflug. Stephen Cockayne.

Martin Hoyt. Mark Samuels. Christian Arnsperger. Andrew Broughton. David Wesley. Levi McConnell. Wyndham Rain.

Nicholas Walrath. Steve Landau. Constantine Horizon. Scott Moore. Ferdinand Barthel. John Shaeffer. Chris Fox. Richard Y. Devils Isle. Kyohei Kudo. Limited edition cassette on Constellation Tatsu. Comes celer bandcamp er mini-postcard. Celer bandcamp er you. Purchasable with gift card. Side A Sit down, put your arms out, and lean your head back. Your neck rests on the black leather of the couch, and warm sunlight only celer bandcamp er in if you open the windows.

Marble angels watch over you, and the lights can stay low. While you're sleeping, I can't imagine that you're dreaming at all. I took photos of the curtains, and waited for what seemed like hours for you to wake up. I couldn't sleep at all, just sitting under the lights. I've dreamed of this moments we've had.

Every interpretation is simplistic, an expectation that you can find some whole in something so thin. Even the thinnest knives can cut deeply. Dreams that love can be the solution, that I'll find everything here, no, everything there. Maybe next time everything will be perfect. I'll stop burning inside, I'll stop wanting everything to change. I'll be happy, I won't need anything. But I keep wavering, esurient and waiting. You search for love, all you need is love, and all you have are memories.

Side B Suddenly looking out over the cliffs of a coast, sunglasses and a car by the side of the road, the ocean doesn't end. The sun burns my face, dust on the gravel road seems to move in the breeze, and the face of the ocean seems as a blue plate. I swam above the hairpin bends, and waited on the floating platform.

I knew you'd show up. You were even early. My hair was more grey, and your college days lagu minang ria amelia hujanlah turun pulovere you look happy. I smiled hearing all about your days with friends, reading these books you passed me over the cafe table, remembering the smell of the pages from our home library.

You mentioned it too. I know you've grown up to be lookout weekend same as me, and we only smile, and see it in our eyes. Outside, the shuffling plates and silverware are only background noise. Birds are nearby, staying shaded in the trees.

They're always singing the same song. Two stories by Will Long, October Note: Tags ambient drone electronic experimental tape Celer bandcamp er. Celer is Will Long, an American artist celer bandcamp er in Japan.

If you like Celer, you may also like: Billy Faithfull go to album. Dotflac go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.

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