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Bbc r4 desert island discs

bbc r4 desert island discs

Listen to BBC Radio 4 live. The best UK radio stations. Free radio online at 10 a.m. - a.m., The Archers Omnibus. a.m. - noon, Desert Island Discs. Desert Island Discs is a radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It was first broadcast on the BBC Forces Programme on 29 January Each week a. Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police commissioner, shares her choices with Lauren Laverne. (R).

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BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs - Episode guide

Rowling DID. Recordings chosen by J. The Beatles: Come Together The Smiths: Bigmouth Strikes Again Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. Violin Concerto in D major — First movement R. Everybody Hurts Marianne Faithfull: Guilt Jimi Hendrix: Requiem in D minor — Agnus Dei.

Recording to save: Bbc r4 desert island discs appears in Chapter I first heard of Jessica Mitford from a great-aunt of mine. And she was telling me this, clearly, to make me think "Goodness, how dreadful".

But I thought "Wow, how cool". And, after a year of trying, Bloomsbury took me After the birth of Jessica — I really mean this — that was the best moment of my life. And I went bbc r4 desert island discs introduce Rita and I thought "Everyone's going to say So just bung her in and enjoy her". And I won't lie, I probably enjoyed writing her much more. The original programme as broadcast would have been 45 minutes long. The archived version truncates the music for copyright reasons.

Desert Island Discs: All of the programmes since and some older clips from are available online from the BBC: Find a Castaway. BBC Radio website links itunes version 11.1 mac Rowling: BBC programmes: Trish Drasnin. Requiem in D minor — Agnus Dei Recording to save: Pen and unlimited paper Interesting facts and notes J. She no longer spoke of "dumbledores" but of "humble bees".

Memorable lines I first heard of Jessica Mitford from a great-aunt of mine. Interviewer Sue Lawley. Related Entries. Albus Dumbledore. Marcus Flint. Hermione Granger. Harry Potter. Rita Skeeter. Weasley family. Ron Weasley. Leaky Cauldron. Engorgement Charm. PS GF. Quick-Quotes Quill. View 0 thoughts swirling around the pensieve. Add your own. The Harry Potter Canon.

Her every woman yet no-holds-barred style of comedy has brought her sell-out tours and several of her own highly successful TV series. Revelling in normality and drawing on the difficult, intimate and often excruciating moments of being human, she dares to say what most of us are thinking, only she's much funnier.

A Geordie, born in South Shields, her dad was an engineer down the mines and her mum was a hairdresser. They encouraged their daughter in her storytelling and performing even though her childhood shyness meant she'd recite her poetry from behind the living room curtains.

Later it was pain that first propelled her onto the stage when a broken early marriage provided the catalyst she needed to find the courage to confront the glaring judgement of the audience's gaze. Her rise was then rapid. Within four years she was awarded the Best Newcomer prize at the Edinburgh Fringe. She says, "People come along and think, 'oh she's being too rude'.

They don't realise I'm just like this at home. People think I'm prim and proper at home but I'm not - I'm just me transplanted onto the stage". See all episodes from Desert Island Discs. We All Stand Together. The Theme from the film, Superman. A collection of highlights from this year's Desert Island Discs. Click above to browse castaways, from to today.

Read the surprising things we've learned about some stand-out castaways. Featuring David Beckham, the funniest and most moving moments, animations and quizzes. Castaway guests share the soundtrack of their lives. Sign in to the BBC, or Register.

Desert Island Discs. Main content. Listen now. Sarah Millican Desert Island Discs. Kirsty Young talks to comedian Sarah Millican. Show more. Kirsty Young's castaway this week is the comedian, Sarah Millican.

Cathy Drysdale. Show less. Available now 45 minutes. Last on. Fri 19 Dec BBC Radio 4. More episodes Previous. Julie Bentley. The Most Reverend Justin Welby. Sarah Millican: See all clips from Bbc r4 desert island discs Millican 3. Music Played. Add music you love and enjoy it with My Tracks. Greatest Dabang film songs mp3. Pharrell Williams Happy Hitdisc.

Snow Patrol Chocolate Up to Now. Sun 14 Dec Featured in Voices of A collection of highlights from this year's Desert Island Discs. The Desert Island Discs podcast. Subscribe or download individual episodes. Explore all of the Desert Island Discs podcasts. Listen to over 2, programmes. Or use bbc r4 desert island discs BBC search to find a castaway.

The 75th anniversary of Desert Island Discs. Desert Island Discs Castaway guests share the soundtrack of their lives.

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