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Alan menken pocahontas

alan menken pocahontas

Pocahontas. “Pocahontas ” is based on historical fact, recounting the story of the meeting of the English settlers in Jamestown with the Powhatan Indian tribe. Alan Menken tells stories behind 7 classic Disney songs. Disney .. It's a very serious song, but there was no getting humor into Pocahontas. Pocahontas: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack is the soundtrack album to the It was the fourth Disney animated film that was composed by Alan Menken. He had previously worked with lyricist Howard Ashman, who died . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Pocahontas on Discogs. I seriously think that Pocahontas is an underrated movie. I hear a lot of people saying they aren't a fan of it, but it is one of my favorites. And after listening to the .

All albums are regular U. A remastered album with identical contents to the version was released on March 27th, The song "Colors of the Wind" and the score won Academy Awards. That song also won a Golden Globe and a Grammy Award. The score was nominated for a Golden Globe as well. Buy it Avoid it BUY IT. Menken Pocahontas: Alan Menken By the middle of the 's, the Disney animated film franchise was once again a powerhouse in Hollywood, and some critics argue that the studio's animation was at its historic peak during that era.

After the first trilogy of films featuring music by Alan Menken dating back to proved more successful with each entry, Disney scored another major success with The Lion King in With The Little MermaidBeauty and the Beastand Aladdin on his resume, Menken wasn't yet to lose his position atop the musical pillar of strength for Disney's animated features.

InPocahontas received the same critical success as Menken's previous projects, winning Academy Awards for both the score and the main song, a feat that had become somewhat normal for the franchise.

But Alan menken pocahontas Lion King had opened a new door in Disney's mind, allowing for major Hollywood composers to collaborate with pop artists for the alan menken pocahontas in their films. Only two years later, Menken's reign over the musical scene at Disney fizzled to an inglorious end until his resurrection more than a decade later, though still with diminished popularityand the studio would consistently rotate between big name composers for their animated features thereafter. No matter the overarching situation, Pocahontas remains a very typical example alan menken pocahontas Menken's style at the time, with trademark songs of simplistic harmonic construction and a score rich with light orchestral action and a varied use of slapstick breaks.

The overall alan menken pocahontas of these usual elements, however, was slightly different in Pocahontas than it had been in either Menken's previous or following alan menken pocahontas. As a whole, Pocahontas has a much more balanced and steady tone in its songs and score than either Aladdin or The Hunchback of Notre Dameemphasizing the dark coloration of alan menken pocahontas film with a more serious, dramatic stance in its demeanor.

Read Alan menken pocahontas The other famous Disney musicals' instrumental scores of the era had higher bright points, joined typically by a few stunningly better songs. But those other scores also suffered from greater disappointments in their lower ends, especially when alan menken pocahontas to the need for mindless comedy relief that pulled heavily from Broadway musical structures.

Since those charming narrative elements in Pocahontas consist of characters that do not sing a dog, raccoon, and hummingbird alan menken pocahontas, the musical isn't interrupted by dancing, irritating statements of alan menken pocahontas comedy.

The closest Menken comes to this material is in the sailing anthem "The Virginia Company" at the outset of the film and "Mine, Mine, Mine" thereafter.

In alan menken pocahontas words, the white male characters are the comedic relief in the role the partisan turbine mp3 the villains. At the same time, Pocahontaswhile maintaining itself well with above average songs of compelling harmony and clever lyrics, doesn't have its share of show-stopping classics that Menken's more unbalanced soundtracks contained.

With Pocahontasalan menken pocahontas until Enchanted forced the Academy to change its rules late in the following decade, Menken only enjoyed a nomination for the end credits song, showing that the songs advancing the narrative within the film didn't have the same popular grip.

In its favor, though, Pocahontas holds a steady course, with no irritating single song and no disappointing score track. In fact the songs as a whole are of higher quality than the same average in many other Menken efforts, with some of his best material for vocalized situations not actually making the picture.

Two quite impressive utkf youtube er featuring the leads, for instance, were struck from the finish film to better preserve the narrative's flow.

While most fans hold the "Colors of the Wind" and "Just Around the Riverbend" songs, performed by the phenomenal vocal range of easily recognizable stage favorite Judy Kuhn, with the highest regards, the more interesting songs are "Listen With Your Heart," the spiritual centerpiece of the film performed by Linda Hunt in all the gritty mystery you've come to expect from her voice in spoken rolesand "Savages," the dynamic war call with phenomenal lyrics that brings back fond memories of the cast ensemble layers of "Mob Song" in Beauty and the Beast and the ominous tone of "Hellfire" in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

All of the songs in Pocahontas are engaging and their performances are strong; there is no weak link in the talent here. Detractors of Mel Gibson, while certainly justified in blasting the irony of the man for his extreme bigotry, should be aware, too, that his singing performance of John Smith's character is excellent all around, from his triumphant interlude in "Mine, Mine, Mine" to a more impressive range in the originally rejected love song, "If I Never Knew You.

The composer's score is very reflective of alan menken pocahontas song melodies, as usual, and is generally light-hearted and orchestrally pleasant despite heeding the darker tone of the film throughout. Because of the lack of gravity in their ensemble performances, his scores rarely capture the same emotional power as the songs, but in animated musicals, the underscore isn't as vital a alan menken pocahontas. Menken does remain extremely loyal to his song melodies in the score, adding continuity to the whole package.

He also ends the film with his normal, large-scale choral finale. In the favor of this recording is a better depth to the ensemble and spread across the soundscape, perhaps a result of superior recording attributes compared to the composer's earlier efforts.

The only disappointing aspect of Pocahontasthen and now, is that the film moves at an extremely fast pace, and thus the songs are unable to exist in the form of the long ballads that they could and probably should have been.

An example of a fine song that was cut too short due alan menken pocahontas its brief scene was the vocal performance of "Steady as the Beating Drum" by Jim Cummings as the chief. Some of this brevity in general may have been due to the presence of two other major songs that were removed, and yet the surviving entries were not lengthened. InPocahontas may have disappointed fans who had become accustomed to the wildly dynamic songs of the previous films.

And yet, when you examine Pocahontas in its place among all of the musicals, it stands the test of time much better than expected. It has held itself well through the years and is still an enjoyable experience above its more inconsistent peers to follow. In the film, it suffers from alan menken pocahontas problematic pace of the unfolding flo rida low vimeo er, but on album it remains a worthy effort.

The Academy Award-winning song performance by Vanessa Williams is a decent pop rendition of the film's main song, however it could be argued that the melody of "Listen With Your Heart" would have made a better title song. At the time, the obnoxious and seemingly unrelated pop song "If I Never Knew You" was a useless, commercial addition to the end of the album.

Eventually, however, it was revealed that this song was the pop variant of the eliminated love song; alan menken pocahontas original performance, as well as related melodic instrumental material, was reintegrated into the picture upon the film's expanded DVD release. As was done with all of Menken's Disney scores, a small amount of instrumental material was inserted into alan menken pocahontas presentation of the songs at the start of the original album product, but the mass of underscore could be heard in the latter half.

When Disney released a complete presentation of Pocahontas as part of their "Legacy Collection" inthe soundtrack finally soared with all its potential. It's a case in which the additional material in the proper film order really makes a tremendous difference in the listening experience. It's easy to argue that the expanded 2-CD version of Pocahontas is leagues ahead of the concurrent, similarly expanded release of Randy Newman's Toy Story for the collector. It's not only a matter alan menken pocahontas hearing several new impressive score cues and the totality of the songs in their natural arrangements; the expanded product also features a seemingly significant improvement in mastering, both in the score and the vocals.

It's difficult to realize the full vocal attributes of the demos because their performances are oddly not credited anywhere on the product's packaging. Look for an alternate arrangement of "Savages" that features differing contributions from Kuhn.

Overall, Pocahontas has aged well, better than many of Menken's other Disney works. Its balance of melodic grace and dramatic substance from the instrumentals is more consistent than arguably similar but more powerful singular moments in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If you never knew Pocahontas upon its debut, the expanded 2-CD set is highly recommended and will improve your collection of Disney albums. CD or Download Bias Check: For Alan Menken reviews at Filmtracks, the average editorial rating is 3.

The maximum rating is 5 stars. February 18,at 5: Legacy Collection Stephen - November 10,at March 12,at 3: Steady as the Beating Drum 0: Mine, Mine, Mine 0: Savages 0: Farewell 0: The Virginia Company song 1: Ship at Sea 2: The Virginia Company Reprise song 0: Steady as the Beating Drum Main Title song 1: Steady as the Beating Drum Reprise song 0: Just Around the Riverbend song 2: Grandmother Willow 1: Listen With Your Heart Part 1 song 1: Mine, Mine, Mine song 3: Listen With Your Heart Part 2 song 2: Colors of the Wind song 3: Savages Part 1 song 1: Savages Part 2 song 2: I'll Never See Him Again 1: Pocahontas 1: Council Meeting 1: Percy's Bath 0: River's Edge 1: Skirmish 2: Getting Acquainted 1: Ratcliffe's Plan 1: Picking Corn 0: The Warriors Arrive 1: John Smith Sneaks Out 1: Execution 1: Farewell 4: Steady as the Beating Drum - performed by Chorus 2: Pocahontas 2: Father Knows Best 1: Just Around the Riverbend - performed by Judy Kuhn 2: Grandmother Willow 2: Ratcliffe's Cabin 1:

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