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Shan name tone

shan name tone

FDMR name ringtone of Mr. shan pick up the phone name ringtone saying dialogue. Check our Facebook page to get your. Customize Shan name ringtone & download with different text and music/sound effect combinations. The Shan language Shan spoken: ၵႂၢမ်းတႆး, pronounced [kwáːm táj] ( About this sound The Shan language has a number of names in different Tai languages and . The Shan falling tone is different from the Thai falling tone. Download free mp3 ringtone of shan name from fdmr. Shan pick up the phoneshan someone calling you. Indian hindi name ringtones from. Fdmr name ringtone. shan name tone

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The Shan language Shan written: It is also spoken in pockets of Kachin State in Burma, in northern Thailandand decreasingly shan name tone Assam. Shan is a member of the Tai—Kadai language familyand is related to Thai.

It has five tones, which do not correspond exactly to Thai tones, plus a "sixth tone" used for emphasis. The number of Shan speakers is not known in part because the Shan population is unknown. Estimates of Shan people range from four million to 30 million, though the true number is somewhere around six million, [ citation needed ] with about half speaking the Shan language.

In Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk estimated 3. Due to the civil war in Shan name tonefew Shan today can read or write in Shan script, which was derived from the Burmese alphabet. The Shan language has a number of names in different Tai languages and Burmese. The Shan dialects spoken in Shan State can be divided into three groups, roughly coinciding with geographical and modern administrative boundaries, namely the northern, southern, and eastern dialects.

Dialects shan name tone to a certain extent in vocabulary and pronunciation, but are generally mutually intelligible. While the southern dialect has borrowed more Burmese words, Eastern Shan is somewhat closer to northern Thai languages and Lao in vocabulary and pronunciation, and the northern so-called "Chinese Shan" is much influenced shan name tone the Yunnan-Chinese dialect.

A number shan name tone words differ in initial consonants. There are also dialects still spoken by a small number of people in Kachin State and Khamti spoken in northern Sagaing Region. Marvin Brown [4] divides the three dialects of Shan as follows:. Shan has 19 consonants. Unlike Thai and Lao there are no voiced plosives [d] and [b].

Triphthongs are absent. Shan has no systematic distinction between long and short vowels ocs 2007 r2 bpa adobe of Thai.

Shan has phonemic contrasts among the tones of syllables. There are five to six tonemes in Shan, depending on the dialect. The sixth tone is only spoken shan name tone the north; in other parts it is only used for emphasis. The table below presents six phonemic tones in unchecked syllables, i.

The following table shows an example of the phonemic tones:. The table below presents four phonemic tones in checked syllables, i. Only in some dialects, a diphthong may also be followed by a consonant. The glides are: There are seven possible final consonants: Typical Shan words are monosyllabic. The Shan script is characterised by its circular letters, which are very similar to those of the Mon script. The old Shan script used shan name tone the s did not differentiate all vowels and diphthongs and had only one tone marker, and a shan name tone form could represent up to 15 sounds.

Only the well-trained were able to read Shan. This has been fixed, making the modern Shan alphabet easy to read, with all tones indicated unambiguously. The standard Shan script is an shan name toneall letters having an inherent vowel a. Vowels are represented in the form of diacritics placed around the consonants. The Shan alphabet is much less complex than the Thai one and lacks the notions of high-class, mid-class and low-class consonants, distinctions which help the Thai shan name tone to number some 44 consonants.

Shan has only 19 consonants, and all tones are clearly indicated with unambiguous tonal markers at the end of the syllable in the absence of any marker, the default is the rising tone. The number of consonants in a textbook may vary: In addition, most editors include a dummy consonant used to support leading vowels.

A textbook may therefore present consonants. The representation of the vowels depends partly on whether the syllable has a final consonant. They have been arranged in a manner to show the logical relationships between the medial and the final forms, and between the individual vowels and the vowel clusters they help form. The tones are indicated by tone markers tastiera giapponese su android the end of the syllable represented by a dash in the following tablenamely:.

While the reformed script originally used only four diacritic tone markers, equivalent to the five tones spoken in the southern dialect, the Shan name tone Shan Literature and Culture Association now, for a number of words, promotes the use of the 'yak khuen' to denote the sixth tone as pronounced in the north. Two other scripts are also still used to some extent. In this systems, vowel signs are written behind the consonants. Given the present instabilities in Burma, one choice for scholars is to study the Shan people and their language in Thailand, where estimates of Shan refugees run as high as two million, and Mae Hong Son Province is home to a Shan majority.

They also publish a Shan-English dictionary. Aside from this, the language is almost completely undescribed in English. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Language family. Writing system. See also: Burmese script and Burmese alphabet. Glottolog 3. Jena, Germany: White Lotus Press, reprinted Retrieved 28 December Languages of Myanmar. Falam Siyin Tedim Thado Zo. Lautu Mara Senthang Zotung Zyphe. Khamti Nung Palaung Tai Laing. Kayaw Red Karen.

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Tai Yay. BurmaThailandChina. Burmese script Shan alphabet. This article contains IPA phonetic symbols. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters. For a guide to IPA symbols, see Help: This article contains Burmese script. Without proper rendering shan name toneyou may see question marks, boxes, or other shan name tone instead of Burmese script. For an introductory shan name tone on IPA symbols, see Help: Shan edition of Tomaz vs filterheadz sunshine original mp3 erthe free encyclopedia.

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