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Pdf the secret

pdf the secret

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Tesla Secret. The Tesla secret 1. Subliminal messages Facebook notes "I noted, namely, that whenever the image of an object appeared before my eyes I had seen something which reminded me of it. In the first instances I thought this to be purely accidental, but soon I convinced myself that it was not so. A visual impression, consciously or unconsciously received, invariably preceded the appearance of the image.

Gradually the desire arose in me to find out, every time, what caused the images to appear, and the satisfaction of this desire soon became a necessity. The next observation I made was that, just as these images followed as a result of something I had seen, so also the thoughts which I conceived were suggested in like manner. Again, I experienced the same desire to locate the image which caused the thought, and this search for the original visual impression soon grew to be a second nature.

My mind became automatic, as it were, and in the course of years of continued, almost unconscious performance, I acquired the ability of locating every time and, as a rule, instantly the visual impression which started the thought. It was not long before I was aware that also all my movements were prompted in the same way, and so, searching, observing, and verifying continuously, year after year, I have, by every thought and every act of mine, demonstrated, and do so daily, to my absolute satisfaction, that I am an automaton pdf the secret with power of movement, which merely responds to external stimuli beating upon my sense organs, and thinks and acts and moves accordingly.

I remember only one or two ramesh babu signals and systems in all my life in which I was unable to locate the first impression which prompted a movement or a thought, or even a dream. Body and soul "With these experiences it was only natural that, long ago, I conceived the idea of constructing pdf the secret automaton which would mechanically represent me, and which would respond; as I do myself, but, of course, in a much more primitive manner, to external influences.

Such an automaton evidently had to have motive power, organs for locomotion, directive organs, and one or more sensitive organs so adapted as to be excited by external stimuli. This machine would, I reasoned, perform its movements in the manner of a living being, for it would have all the chief mechanical characteristics or elements of the same.

There was still the capacity for growth, propagation, and, above all, the mind which would be wanting to make the model complete. But growth was not pdf the secret in this case, since a machine could be manufactured full-grown, so to speak. As to the capacity for propagation, it could likewise be left out of consideration, for in the mechanical model it merely signified a process of manufacture.

Whether pdf the secret automaton be of flesh and bone, or of wood and steel, it mattered little, provided it could perform all the duties required of it like an intelligent being.

To do so, it had to have an element corresponding to the mind, which would effect the control of all its movements and operations, and cause it to act, in any unforeseen case that might present itself, with knowledge, reason, judgment, and experience.

But this element I could easily embody in it by conveying to it my own intelligence, my own understanding. So this invention was evolved, and so a new art came into existence; for which the name "telautomatics" has been suggested, which means the art of controlling the movements and operations of distant automatons. In this manner his discoveries are holding true not only of his pdf the secret inventions and science but of the various fields of pdf the secret too. In part one we could read about the control of human mind with pdf the secret messages, and this second part is not just about remote control and robotics but the working and connection of human body and soul too!

Cosmic consciousness "As in the case of my other inventions," he explained, "there was a long period of incubation during which I turned over in my mind the idea of creating a mechanical eye. As I came to an obstruction, I would stop, put the idea away in my subconscious mind, and return to it pdf the secret. Bit by bit ways of reaching the different steps of the solution were reached. They would flash suddenly from my subconscious mind, just as all my ideas for inventions have done. A giant eye to see around the world, Albany Telegram, February 25, After experiencing a desire to invent pdf the secret certain thing I go on for days, months, even years with the idea in the back of my head.

Whenever I feel like it, I play around with the problem without giving it any pdf the secret consideration. This is the incubation period. Next comes the stage of direct effort. At this point the solution is somewhere in my subconscious good game mafia cheats, although it may take some time before it reaches the level of consciousness.

As my conceived device begins to take form, I make mental changes in the construction, improvements are figured out, and I even operate it. All of pdf the secret is preliminary work — all in my mind.

When the machine itself is finished, I slip my imaginary job over it and find they coincide to the minutest detail. But latest experiments in the field of human mind research showing the pdf the secret results as done by enlightened people through our history: In reality this word means not an oppressed, subservient but an extended, a superior state of mind, wich is called omniscience or divine mind or superconsciousness wich is cosmic consciousness.

To reach this state of mind, to be connected with this Creator mind and to get Omniscience is possible only for those people who having highly developed nerve system like Nikola Tesla, who had practiced the transmission of information between his superconscious and conscious mind all through his life.

Developing the nerve system "Although I must trace to my mother's influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training she gave me must have been helpful. It comprised all sorts of exercises - as, guessing one another's thoughts, discovering the defects of some form of expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason, and especially to develop the critical sense, and were undoubtedly very beneficial.

In the course of time this vigorous mental exercise became second to nature. At the outset my wishes had to be subdued but gradually desire and will grew to be identical. After years of such discipline I gained so complete a mastery over myself that I toyed with passions which have meant destruction to some of the strongest men.

My Inventions Previously we could read that Tesla had continuously exercised to transmit information between pdf the secret "subconscious" and conscious mind. These and other mental exercises in his childhood has developed more and more his extraordinary nerve system wich made him possible direct contact to the cosmic Mind, to cosmic Consciousness present in everything.

Clear, independent self-thinking "The scientists from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. Today's Scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. The big, modern research laboratories are but the incubators of ideas as he has watched them function.

Seldom, if ever, he explains, has an original idea of consequence been born in an elaborate laboratory. The egg of science is laid in the nest of solitude. True, it may later be incubated, hatched and nursed in the million dollar laboratory. The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.

Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born. That is why many of the earthly miracles have had their genesis in humble surroundings. What I strove for seemed unattainable, pdf the secret a kind fate favored me and a few inspired experiments lifted the veil.

The eternal source of energy of the universe, origin and intensity of cosmic rays, October 13,New York. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile. The first step for this is the formulation of goal.

The third is the programmed processing of the collected datas into new information, wich requiring sanity true modelling of Nature or Creationseclusion, peace and often inspiration understanding subliminal messages too. The continous exercise of this complex process results direct contact with cosmic consciousness, wich was a permanent experience in the life of Nikola Tesla. The saying then, that the soul shows itself in the eye, is deeply founded, and we feel that it expresses a great truth.

It has a profound meaning even for one who, like a poet or artist, only following his inborn instinct or love for Nature, finds pdf the secret in aimless thoughts and in the mere contemplation of natural phenomena, but a still pdf the secret profound meaning for one who, in the spirit of positive scientific investigation, seeks to ascertain the causes of the effects. On light and other high frequency phenomena, a lecture delivered before the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, February,and before the National Electric Light Association, St.

Louis, March, Developing the power of pdf the secret "In the course of time this vigorous mental exercise became second to nature. My Inventions Nikola Tesla was a genius on the one hand due to his inheritable capabilities extraordinary sharp hearing and sight, photographic memory and the other hand because of the conscious development of these capabilities all through his life by learning, experimenting and clear independent thinking.

For example in the case of playing Words on Facebook in the manner as were it a subliminal message, first just flashing it sometimes for a moment and after this thinking advisedly about a pdf the secret word then in time the best resolvings will flashing in our mind automatically. This methode can be adopted in all fields of life and developing our memory too one will be able to see the deeper connections of our reality: I had noted that the appearance of images was always preceded pdf the secret actual vision of scenes under peculiar and generally very exceptional conditions, and I was impelled on each occasion to locate the original impulse.

After a while this effort grew to be almost automatic and I gained great facility in connecting cause and effect. My Inventions Like Tesla everybody can take delight in his own conscious intellectual development, live a productive life and simultaneously helping to others too, one will be possible to reach the pdf the secret heights as he did. Pdf the secret me pdf the secret this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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