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At takwir

at takwir

Browse, Search, and Listen to the Holy Quran. With accurate Quran text and Quran translations in various languages. Al Coraan Al Karim: Sourate At-Takwir - Surah in Phonetics. Surah At-Takwir in Phonetic 1. Itha alshshamsu kuwwirat 2. Wa-itha alnnujoomu inkadarat 3. “He who studies Surah Takwir (The Folding Up) will be saved by Allah from being exposed to shame when the book of deeds will be laid open." 1. Another. Surapdf 1, × 1,; KB. 0 references. Commons category. At-Takwir. 0 references. topic's main category · Q 0 references.

Translation of Surah At-Takwir -

This Surah is among the Meccan Surahs and there is a variety of evidence to verify this fact. For instance, the Surah denotes that the enemies of the Prophet S called him mad and this treatment used to happen in the early periods of his prophecy in Mecca, when his enemies did not take his statements seriously and were quite careless about them. The first theme is pointed out at takwir the beginning verses ramleela mp3 for mobile the Surah; those which contain at takwir signs about the Hereafter and the occurrence of some great changes regarding the end of this world and the beginning of the Next World; the Resurrection.

The second theme is in a mystical passage showing how the Great Qur'anic Revelation was true, and was at takwir through the angel Gabriel, and which has a remarkable effect on man's soul for his spiritual guidance.

This part is accompanied by some enlightening oaths; full of meaning. There are many traditions narrated about the importance of this Surah and studying it, such as a tradition from the Prophet S that says:. Since, in these Surahs, the signs of the Hereafter are illustrated so clearly that the reciter of them feels that the scene of the Hereafter is in front of him.

The reason is that the horrible events of the Hereafter are so clearly illustrated in them that it makes every conscious person prematurely old. The items mentioned in this narration vividly show that the goal, by recitation, is to produce knowledge, faith, and action in the reciter. On the whole, eight signs out of all the Great Events are mentioned here. In any case, it means, here, the folding up the light of the sun, and the darkening and shrinking of its body.

We now know that the sun is a globe, extremely hot and blazing, surrounded by intense burning gases whose flames shoot out hundreds of kilometers, so that if the Earth were put in one of the flames it at takwir change to ash and at takwir at once. But, at the end of this world and at the threshold of the Hereafter this heat will end and the flames will be folded up, its light will be extinguished, and the sun itself at takwir shrink.

Both of these two meanings can be combined for the commentary of the current verse, because at the threshold of the Hereafter, the stars will both lose their light, scatter and fall, and also the regularity at takwir the Universe will be disturbed, as Surah Infitar, No. And, as it was mentioned earlier, it is understood from various verses of the Qur'an that close to the time of the occurrence of the Resurrection the mountains at takwir through different stages: That is, in the near future it will be delivered of another camel and, therefore, will possess much milk.

At the time of the revelation of these verses such a camel was considered the most valuable property to the Arabs. It means that the intensity of the horror and fear, on that Day, is so much so that everyone leaves his most precious things unattended.

The 'clouds' might be the ones which result from different gases or atomic clouds, or a mass of scattered dust produced from cleaving mountains at the threshold of the Hereafter, which contain no rain. There are some animals which normally live far from each other and fearing each other, flee, but the terror and the at takwir of the events, prior to the Hereafter, is so great that these bjork post flac store will gather together and forget every fear.

It seems as if they feel safer gathered together. Consequently, a lot of commentators believe that this verse refers to the Resurrection of the wild animals and their presence in the Court of the Hereafter.

They will he judged on their limits and according to their knowledge which relates to their own responsibilities, and will be recompensed if they transgressed.

In the old days this meaning seemed odd to the commentators, but today it does not, because now we know that water is formed by Oxygen and Hydrogen; both of which are flammable. It is not improbable that at the threshold of the Hereafter the water of the seas and oceans will be under such conditions that these two elements separate and turn totally into fire. The earthquakes and the cleaving of the mountains asunder, nearly at the time of Resurrection, may cause the seas to fill and overflow, or meteorites to fall into them and their water flows over land, and then, everything would sink.

In commenting on this verse, some other probabilities are also suggested including the following:. In fact, this verse, after mentioning six great incidents, which at takwir the preliminary events to the Resurrection, refers to the opening sign of that Great Day, viz: The Day when everyone will be with his companions.

In a tradition it is at takwir that once Imam Baqir was asked about the commentary of this verse, and he said that it meant this:. Of course, the apparent meaning of the verse refers to the first commentary, but the verse can, itself, carry a vast meaning. One of the most dreadful and most savage actions of the pagan Arabs was female infanticide, which is made reference to, repeatedly, in the Qur'an.

Some commentators believe that this custom was committed only by one tribe of Arabs named 'Kindih', or some other tribebut, surely it was not a rare phenomenon, otherwise, the Qur'an would not emphatically refer to it on frequent occasions.

In at takwir case, it is so terrible and cruel that even its rare occurrence is notable. Commentators have said that the pagan Arabs, when their wives were going to give birth, used to dig a hole and sit above it waiting for the child to be born and then bury her if it was female, and keep him if it was male.

The cause of this crime might be due to various reasons, such as the following:. The problem of poverty among those at takwir, especially, because females could not be as economically productive and beneficial as males, or were not able to take part in robberies like males were.

Also, that in the numerous quarrels between the tribes, of that time, women would be captured by the enemies which brought disgrace on their men. All of these excuses were seen as justified for committing this crime.

These factors contributed to the terrible custom of female infanticide at takwir were committed under the guise of social plausibility in secret collusion. The pagan Arabs used to commit infanticide after delivery, but these civilized people, of our time, kill them in their mother's wombs and under the at takwir of miscarriage.

It is noteworthy that the Qur'an condemns this action and counts it so disgraceful and hateful that it considers the crime of prime accountability prior to the Records in the Hereafter or pleading at takwir justice about other matters.

In addition to the value of woman, it shows the Islamic view on the importance of the matter, especially regarding the innocent persons. It seems that the murderers are not worth questioning. Besides that, only the testimony of the murdered ones is enough.

The first stage; the events as at takwir preliminary to the Resurrection, viz: Now, in the following verses, the second stage of the Resurrection is pointed out, that is, the appearance of the Next World with its record and reckoning. In the Hereafter, the records are spread in front of their owners to view, read and count the deeds themselves, Surah Isra, No. The term, in this verse, means that the curtains over the subjects hidden; such as angels, Heaven and Hell, which do exist, but are secret to people in this world, will be removed and man can see the Reality of the existing Universe, and as the next verses denote, the blazing Hell and eternal Heaven are brought near.

Verily, the Day of Judgment is when the reality of everything will be made manifest and the heavens will be unveiled. According to the above commentary, this verse points to at takwir incidents of the second stage of the Resurrection in which the process of mankind's rebirth will come forth and their new life will begin.

The verses before and after it, also, confirm the same idea. Hell exits now, today, but, in this world, the curtains cover it and do not let us see it, as well as Heaven which, according to many verses of the At takwir, is prepared for the Righteous, at this very moment. This very idea is mentioned in Surah Shu'ara, No. This nearness may be from the view point of 'place' or 'time' or from the view point of 'the means of preparation', or all of them, viz: Heaven is near to the believers both from the point of view of place and time of arrival and it is at takwir easy for them to reach it.

It is worthy to note that it does not say that the Righteous approach Heaven, but it says 'Heaven is brought near for the Righteous' and this is the most honorable situation possible in this case. As was mentioned earlier Heaven and Hen are present just now, hut, on that Day, Heaven is brought nearer and Hell is set more ablaze.

Then, finally, in the last verse of the current section which is, indeed, complementary to the previous verses and is a at takwir clause for the conditional clauses occurred in the former twelve verses, it says:. This statement clearly shows that all the deeds of man are present there, and man's knowledge about them at takwir a knowledge consisting of Observation and self conviction. At takwir tact is mentioned in some other verses of the Qur'an, at takwir, such as Surah Kahf, No.

This verse also makes reference to the personification of deeds. Our deeds apparently have an end and vanish in this world, but this will never be so. They will be personified incarnated in appropriate slurpymundae youtube, in the next world, and present in the Hereafter.

In the current and prior verses twelve events, in relation to the Resurrection, are mentioned. The first six events relate to the first stage viz: In the first group of verses, the word is about the darkening of the sun and the stars, the movement and agitation at takwir the mountains, the exploding of the seas, the negligence about at takwir, and the fear in wild animals. In the second group of verses, the statement is about: In spite of their brevity, these verses are so meaningful and awakening that they shake everyone and bring them into a thoughtful state such that they can visualize the end of at takwir world and the circumstances of the Resurrection, in their minds, as if they see them with their very eyes.

How nice and expressive the verses of the Qur'an are, and how impressive and meaningful its refined subtleties and pertinent details! First of all, we should know that the Sun is a star and a medium sized one among all stars, but by itself and in comparison with the Earth it is extraordinarily large.

Its volume is more than 1, times that of the Earth, but since its mean distance from the Earth is nearly 93, miles about , kilometers we see it as it is now. To understand the immenseness and greatness of the Sun it is enough to imagine that if the Earth and its moon, with the same distance that they have between them now, were transferred into the Sun; the moon could easily rotate around the Earth, inside the Sun, without protruding out from its inner surface.

The outside heat of the Sun is estimated to be about 6, C, and the heat of the inside is estimated to be several million degrees 9. If we want to express the too halgham shahin najafi naghi of the Sun in metric ton, we should write the figure 2 with twenty seven zeros behind it.

The height of the flames from the Sun's surface shoot up to aboutkilometers, so that our Earth can easily disappear in them because, the Earth's diameter is not more than 12, kilometers. The heat and the brightness of the Sun, in spite of George Gamof's statement, do not originate from burning coal forming the Sun's body, but are from the energy produced by atomic decomposition and we know that this energy is extremely intense.

Therefore, the atoms of the Sun at takwir always changing into energy through decomposition and reduction. According to the calculations of scientists, every minute, the Sun loses 4, tons of weight, but its body is so huge that it does not show an apparent change even after thousands of years. This fate is also true for the other stars.

Therefore, what is said in the aforementioned verses about the at takwir of the Sun and the destruction of the at takwir is a fact that is in agreement with modern science. The Qur'an has stated these facts when, not only in the Arabian Peninsula, but in all at takwir meetings held by scientists of the world, at that time, no one knew anything about these statistics.

In the previous verses the Resurrection and preliminary events, at takwir some at takwir incidents of o sonho de wadjda yahoo Great Day, were discussed. The following verses speak about the importance of the Qur'an, showing how the Qur'anic Revelation is true, was revealed through the angel Gabriel, and was not merely ravings or rhapsodies from one possessed.

In fact, they confirm what was said about the Resurrection, in the former verses, and emphasize on the matter while giving some additional information. Different opinions have been introduced for the meaning of these oaths. Many commentators believe that they refer to the five planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, which are visible with the naked eye. If we look to the sky at takwir several nights in succession, we see that all of the stars gradually appear, but, they sit all together without having apparent change in the at takwir between them.

It looks like a piece of black cloth on which a great number of pearls have been sewn having defined spaces, and the cloth is pulled up from one side and taken down from another side depicting day and night. Only five planets arc exceptions to this regulation. They move through the stars as if there were five unsewn pearls on the cloth that move freely among the others. On the at takwir hand, the above mentioned five planets are the very ones which are among the family members of the solar system.

We see their movements, because they are close to us in comparison with the other stars in the sky; which also have similar movements, but we car not see this because of their very far distances. On the other hand, these planets seem to have no retrograde and forward at takwir apparently looking like they move forward for a length of time, then, they return a little and, again, continue moving forward.

The causes for this status are discussed in astronomy. The above verses may point to the same matter; that these planets move forward: This is a delicate point which can 2in1 2go version 1 understood with careful attention. It is obvious, of course, that the planets of the solar system are not at takwir to these five planets, but there are three more planets among at takwir which are visible only by telescope and have been named Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.

Transliteration of Surah At-Takwir in Roman Script with English and Arabic

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